Michael McDermott pulls out of TN Activism hustings

McDermott made the announcement on his campaign page citing exhaustion

  McDermott, a candidate in both University Times (UT) Editor and Trinity College Student Union’s (TCDSU) President’s race, has pulled out of tonight’s hustings hosted by Trinity News and Aramark off our Campus. In a campaign page post, McDermott stated that he was forced to pull out due to the exhaustion and the challenges of balancing campaigning and his academic studies.

“The last 3 days have been intense trying to balance campaigning and 4/5 lectures each day, followed by a hustings each night. It’s been exhilarating but also exhausting and I’ve been running on adrenaline,” he said.

Retaining some humour McDermott referenced his campaign stunt from earlier that day: “That yoghurt stunt was definitely a bad idea” and that it is not “not a good thing to eat at once (it rhymes with bonstipation)”.

McDermott further explained in the post:“I just crashed this afternoon being dead on my feet and with stomach pains. I need to take a night off for my physical and mental wellbeing”. McDermott resolved to “meme even harder” once he had recovered.

Speaking to Trinity News, Kevin Keane, current President of TCDSCU stated that there are no repercussions for not attending hustings.

McDermott is the creator of popular meme page, Trinity Collidge and is running for both University Times editor and President of the Student Union.

The hustings is also co-hosted by Dublin University Gender Equality Society (DUGES, also known as FemSoc and TCD Environmental Society (EnviroSoc.