Trinity Ball online tickets sell out in record time

Students are currently queuing outside House Six to buy the remaining physical tickets

  Trinity Ball online tickets sold out in just under under 75 minutes this morning, setting a new record for the sale of online tickets by 12 minutes.

Trinity Ents made the announcement on the event page at 10.14 a.m while also announcing that limited physical tickets remained on sale in the SU Shop in House Six.

Some students have made complaints on the event page and elsewhere online regarding the loading time for accessing the Trinity Ball 2018 website, while others have voiced their dissatisfaction at Trinity Ents for not responding to phone calls, and not receiving confirmation of their purchase.

Commenting on the record time in online tickets being sold out, Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union Ents Officer, Jonah Craig, in an email statement, said: “The demand has been much more than we’ve experienced in previous years. The website actually processed 10,000 applications in 30 minutes this morning, which is why it was so slow to respond.” Craig also mentioned that although a limited amount of physical tickets remained demand this year was at unprecedented levels

Students are still currently queuing outside House Six for physical tickets. Tickets cost €87, as they did last year.

Last year, tickets were increased from the usual €80, due to the additional acts required for an earlier opening time, alongside “security and site personnel costs” due to the then-ongoing construction of the Luas line. This was the first time in nearly a decade that there was an increase in ticket prices for the event.

Explaining the reason behind the retainment of the €87 price tag, Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union Ents Officer Jonah Craig, stated: “The reasoning for the price staying the same is for the same reasoning as last year.

“I have been told the Garda and Dublin City Council issued a statement to MCD that we cannot have the majority of the queue coming through Front Gate due to the construction and operation of the new Luas Blue line. It would be too dangerous for a large queue with the Luas running by every few minutes. The entrances will remain the same this year (majority of people coming through Lincoln Gate).”

“There has also been a slight increase in expenditure in the lineup this year as we put in bids for bigger acts,” he added.

George Ezra will be headlining the one-night on campus concert, while Jax Jones, Tom Walker and Versatile are also making appearances across the campus, among others. The full lineup was announced on Monday.

Additional reporting by Aisling Grace.

Cian Mac Lochlainn

Cian Mac Lochlainn is an Economics and Politics student, and a Contributing Writer for Trinity News.