Alumni-to-student mentorship programme to launch in Trinity

The programme aims to help students gain a foothold in the job market

Trinity is launching a series of alumni-to-student mentoring events available for penultimate and final year students starting next week.

The programme aims to help students gain a foothold in the job market by pairing them with an alumnus from their area of interest.  Trinity students can sign up for the programme and meet an alumni mentor in accordance with their areas of expertise and professional careers.

The mentoring launches are set to take place next week for the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics; media, the arts, government and non-profit; and business, finance, consulting and entrepreneurship. At the launches, students are expected to have the opportunity to talk to many different graduates and send out mentoring requests to their desired mentors after the event.

After the initial launch event, mentors and mentees are advised to meet “for about three meetings of about an hour’s duration over a six month period,” according to the programme’s flyer. Moreover, there’s the possibility of online mentoring through the platform Trinity Alumni Online.

Trinity Development and Alumni and the Trinity Career Service have offered alumni to student mentoring programmes in the past, but their current goal is to expand upon them. Speaking to Trinity News, Alumni Relations Officer Amy Brodigan explained that mentoring events by industry sector have been introduced in an effort “to give all students the opportunity to participate in mentoring.” Previously, mentoring was organised by individual schools.

“We are keen to give students access to this global network of alumni who are eager to share their knowledge and expertise to support current student with their career development,” Brodigan continued.

To ensure that mentees profit as much as possible from their mentoring experience, Trinity Alumni has compiled a “how to” guide to be read in advance of the programme. It offers helpful tips and information such as how to prepare for the first mentoring sessions and how to register with Trinity Alumni Online Mentoring.

Furthermore, mentors also receive helpful guidance by Trinity Alumni through a set of guidelines and top tips, including how to set objectives and how to encourage their mentees.

Separate mentoring programmes are available for students of law, dental science and nursing and midwifery.