Trinity kicks off Schrödinger at 75

The speakers gathered together at Trinity’s Old Library to mark the start of the two-day conference

24 internationally-renowned speakers gathered in the Old Library tonight to mark the beginning of Schrödinger at 75, a two-day conference organised by Trinity. The event celebrates 75 years since Nobel-prize winner Edwin Schrödinger delivered three groundbreaking public lectures at Trinity. The first of the speakers will be delivering their speeches tomorrow at the National Concert Hall.

The evening began with readings of prose and poetry at the Schrödinger lecture theatre before the guests were ushered into the Long Room. Prosecco and wine were served as Trinity librarian and archivist Helen Shenton drew the guests’ attention to the current mounted exhibition, which features the first edition of ‘What is Life?’ as well as photographs of Schrödinger when he visited Trinity in 1943.

The provost also addressed the speakers and thanked Prof Luke O’Neill and Prof Mike Murphy, two of the main organisers of the event, who also organised the 50th anniversary of Schrödinger’s lectures in 1993. He said that Schrödinger at 75 “exceeds in number and prestige the 50th anniversary”, and that he is “confident that the conference will generate ideas and will excite and inspire”. Speaking on the significance of the event, the provost commented: “I’m sure that the papers and discussions emerging from the conference will be indeed memorable and inspirational.”

The provost also welcomed notable guests of the evening, which included James Watson, credited as one of the co-discoverers of the structure of DNA in 1953, and Prof Terence Rudolph, quantum physicist and grandson of Schrödinger.

Danielle Olavario

Danielle Olavario is a former SciTech Editor of Trinity News. She is a Microbiology graduate.