Trinity Professor missing on Mount Everest

Seamus Lawless is believed to have slipped and fallen during his descent from the summit of the world’s highest mountain

Seamus Lawless, an Assistant professor at the School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity, is missing on Mount Everest after he reportedly fell at an altitude of 8,300m, while descending from the summit this afternoon.

Trinity commented on reports of the incident saying: “Seamus and his family are in our thoughts during this extremely distressing time. This morning his family, friends and colleagues shared his joy on reaching the peak of Mount Everest.”

Lawless was one of an eight-member team participating in the this year’s Irish Everest Expedition led by the professional Irish climber Noel Richard Hanna. Lawless had previously scaled two peaks including Mt Denali in preparation for the Everest ascent. He is believed to have slipped below the balcony area of the mountain this afternoon after successfully reaching summit earlier today.

A search-party, organised by Seven Summit Treks is currently seeking his location. Mingma Sherpa, Chairman of the guiding company, has stated that “Efforts are underway to search the missing climber.”

In an official statement, Trinity expressed its wish for Lawless’ safe return: “We hope that Seamus is found safely as soon as possible and until then we will be offering any support we can to his family.”

Victoria Mitchell

Victoria Mitchell is a former Deputy News Editor for Trinity News.