Biosoc’s Med Cup: A striking success

The charity soccer event remains popular

If you had taken a stroll onto campus on Saturday September 30, you would be forgiven for thinking you had borne witness to a sporting miracle; an exhibition of pure skill and mastery the likes of which would strike envy into the heart of Roy Keane himself. Or you had, at least, stumbled across a really good U-12s community games match. As, on that fateful Saturday, Trinity’s cricket pitch played host to one of the most hotly anticipated sporting events of the academic year: Med Cup. 

Med Cup is Biosoc’s annual charity soccer tournament and it remains one of the landmark events on every medical student’s calendar. In late September, each year in medicine assembles a team of their best players for the chance to win the ultimate prize: an unengraved shield and a year’s worth of bragging rights. This year, the honour was bestowed upon our final years. The previous year’s graduates make an appearance as the “Intern Team”’, so they can have one more chance at glory.

Med Cup is not a challenge that is taken on lightly and whispers of training programmes and alcohol bans permeate the ranks each year. The fourth year team were even advised to turn up twenty minutes early by their manager, for a gruelling warm-up session before the other teams had a chance to tog out. 

Photo by Tommy Claffey

For a dry event, this year’s Med Cup was a complete wash out. The weather being very much off-side did nothing to quell the commendable enthusiasm and competitive spirit of all the teams. Although the rain did eventually cut the matches short, the titans of the day managed to battle it before we retired to a Bóbós-sponsored lunch. The third year team gave the final years a run for their money in the final which ended nil-nil. The final years followed tradition, however, and accepted a well-earned victory on penalties. Honourable mentions must go to the fourth year team and supporters, for the spirit and passion they show up with year after year – regardless of the results. You’ll get them next year.

Photo by Tommy Claffey

The day was a rousing success but what is the best part of Med Cup? All the proceeds raised, by players and supporters, go towards Trinity Med Day. Med Day is a charity run by medical students which raises vital funds for Trinity’s affiliated teaching hospitals. To date, Med Day has raised over one million euro, which has supported many worthy projects. This year, their chosen beneficiaries include development of hang out space for youth cancer patients at CHI Crumlin, improving walking ability for people with stroke and Multiple sclerosis through the use of a functional electrical stimulation device at St. James’ hospital and many more. As well as spending November 10 shaking buckets on the streets of Dublin, Med Day have launched their “Make a Difference for Med Day” campaign, which challenges people to challenge themselves, by running, walking, swimming, golfing, baking etc., or by organising an event, and collecting sponsorship online through RallyUp. Keep up with this year’s Med Day fundraising journey by following their Instagram page @trinitymedday.