Trinity Women’s Soccer Triumph Over RCSI in Their First League Match of the Season

DU Ladies AFC started off their season with a home match against the College of Surgeons (RCSI)

The Trinity Women’s Soccer team (DU Ladies AFC) won 7-0 against RCSI on October 14th in what was their first league match of the 2023-2024 season. 

On home soil, Trinity’s offensive possession was exemplary as were their defence. DU Ladies AFC undoubtedly crushed their opponents establishing their dominance on College Green. Goals were scored by Charlotte Connolly, Lily Hayes Nally, Eva Verner, Jasmine Relf, and Alannah Maxwell. Of all the goals scored, those by Maxwell stood out the most, as she managed to score a hatrick in the match, massively contributing to the game’s final result. 

The first goal came at exactly fifteen minutes into the first half as the ball was powerfully shot into the net. Connolly, in particular, was a prominent player in the first half as she scored aiding the home side, and made various assists. 

RCSI’s defence continued to wane in the second half as they tried to hold off Trinity’s mighty attackers and midfielders. Surgeons’ attack did their best to turn the game around with plenty of shots on goal, though most were intercepted, either by Trinity’s goalkeeper or its strong line of defenders. 

Jasmine Relf, captain DU Ladies AFC and a contributing goal scorer at the match told Trinity News about the overall result of the game. “I’m really happy with how the game went as our first league game, especially as most of the team is new. Hopefully we can continue this momentum throughout the season and be the champions.” 

In another positive turn of events, DU Ladies AFC emerged victorious in a following match against TUS Midlands in Athlone, a victory all the more impressive for the challenging weather conditions faced, including heavy rain. Concluding with a 6-0 win to Trinity, four goals were scored by Charlotte Connolly, one was scored by Simone Bendix and one by captain Jasmine Relf. 

As the season is set to continue, the DU Ladies AFC’s 2023-2024 run looks bright. This is, indeed, a continuation of their success last year. The team won the first ever edition of the Women European Football Tournament (WEFT) in Paris last April. This was a three day competition consisting of six European teams. 

Trinity Women’s Soccer’s success is even more impressive considering the team’s lack of funding. Outlined in an article published in The University Times, it was revealed that, although the women’s and men’s team are allocated the same budget by Dublin University Central Athletic Club (the central governing body of the sports clubs of Trinity College), currently, the budget has not been agreed upon, which has left the Ladies’ AFC members obliged to personally cover a number of Club expenses.

Most shocking of all, it was reported that DU Ladies AFC has no coaches while the men’s side has three.  The Trinity Sports Union contacted Ireland’s governing football body the FAI to ask for a coach for DU Ladies AFC. 

Despite these adversities, the club has persevered through thick and thin. Its performance is a testament to its raw talent. An early win against RCSI shows the team has a positive season ahead.