Sam, Trinity’s resident campus fox

An emblem of the continuous integration of biodiversity on campus, and an insight into the future of species mergence into urban environments

After College published the list of successfully nominated candidates for the upcoming Provost election, it’s apparent that for the first time in the college’s 429 year history the new face of TCD will be a woman. Over the past few


Trinity researchers examine medical intervention in maternity care

Two teams have reviewed different rates of childbirth intervention across various countries

Two Trinity led studies have investigated how a reduction in rates of caesarean section births could benefit maternity care services, and identified a significant variation in amounts of birth inducing drugs used in different countries.

The first study examined the …


Trinity led study discovers predictable volcanoes are more dangerous than thought

The research in the Galápagos islands shows explosive potential in seemingly consistent volcanoes

A team of volcanologists, led by Prof. Michael Stock from Trinity’s Department of Geology, have discovered that the composition of volcanoes and their magmas may not be as predictable as was previously believed.

The study has found that volcanoes that …


Trinity research finds that digital CBT can significantly relieve anxiety and depression

Digital mental health intervention could assist those whose mental health has been drastically affected by COVID-19

Trinity researchers from the School of Psychology have collaborated with University of Sheffield to publish new research regarding digital mental health. 

This research found that digital mental health interventions can have significant long-term impact on anxiety and depression recovery. These


The science of vaping

Adequate nicotine replacement therapy or the gateway to a worldwide health epidemic?

Vaping is viewed globally as a viable and safe alternative to traditional smoking, but this idea is beginning to come under fire with connected cases of respiratory diseases on the rise. 1604 cases of lung injury associated with e-cigarette usage