Brexit casts shadow over Irish progress

Stephen Frain discusses the political consequences of the UK’s decision to leave the EU and what it will mean for Northern Ireland


Until the seismic events of last June, Anglo-Irish relations were arguably better than they have ever been since independence. It is now just over 100 days since the Brexit referendum, a referendum on Ireland’s future in which Ireland did not


NUS-USI must push for immediate changes to abortion legislation

At the end of November, Belfast High Court reached the decision that Northern Ireland’s abortion laws are in breach of human rights.


Jo Gowers, women’s officer of NUS-USI, Northern Ireland’s Union of Students, has said that the union, and other organisations involved in women’s rights, must put pressure on politicians to make sure that Belfast High Court’s recent ruling on abortion is


Trading justice for peace

Achieving lasting peace in Northern Ireland does not come without costs, particularly when it comes to the values we hold.

comment1Tony Blair told Westminster’s Northern Ireland Affairs Select Committee last month that without the letters sent to so called ‘On The Runs’ (OTRs) the peace process may have failed. This is a crucial insight into the decision making of a …


Northern Ireland: time to start governing

It is time for politicians in the North to be held to the same standards we normally hold public representatives to.

comment1Flags, parading and now the budget. This is a list of the ongoing crises that have been the hallmark of devolution in Northern Ireland since 1998. Up until now the people of Northern Ireland have accepted this as better than