Women hired to strip at Maynooth student night

Two women were hired to strip naked at an event organised by a sabbatical officer of Maynooth Students’ Union (MSU) last Monday, Trinity News has learned.

Ben Finnegan, the incumbent MSU president, and Mal Callan, the MSU vice-president for services, events and communications, were both present in the room as the women removed their underwear on stage, danced around an Irish flag, and gave lap dances to a number of male students in the audience.

Callan organised the event in question after having agreed to take part in a charity mock wedding with the welfare officer of DCU Students’ Union (DCUSU) on Wednesday. He promoted it as a “stag night with strippers” on the Facebook event page for the mock wedding.

Though a source close to the officer has claimed that the stag night was held independently of MSU, the event took place in the union bar on campus and was marketed as a precursor to the Wednesday wedding which Maynooth students could purchase tickets to through MSU.

In a private Facebook post published hours before the stag night, Callan wrote, “Please come along to my stag do in the SU from 9. Or if you want to see the scantily clad ‘exotic dancers’, skip straight to 10 o’clock. This is my last big night of debauchery until the ball and chain of misery that is my wife-to-be Lorna Finnegan [DCUSU welfare officer] enslaves me in a life of bitter regret.”

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He had previously stated on the public Facebook event page for the mock wedding that the date for the stag night had not yet been confirmed as he would “need to see when my strippers are free”.


Trinity News understands that campus security had not been informed of the planned performance, despite the fact that the event’s organisers spent the day erecting a stage in the MSU bar.

Pictures and videos of the women were subsequently posted online by both students and bar staff present on Monday night. A sabbatical officer subsequently requested that a video posted on Facebook be removed.

Callan has since stepped down from his sabbatical position to manage to the re-election campaign of the incumbent MSU President, who is seeking a second term in office. Maynooth students head to the polls this Wednesday to elect four full-time sabbatical officers.

Though Callan has claimed that the women were paid by “groomsmen” for the event, repeated student requests to view MSU accounts were denied last week and the student newspaper that Callan edits – which was due to publish details of the union’s accounts last week – has been cancelled as a result of his resignation.

The Maynooth Board of Trustees met Callan along with campus security on Wednesday, but a statement has yet to be issued by any party.

When contacted by Trinity News yesterday, Finnegan said he was not able to speak to us. Callan said he could not comment on the record.

UPDATE: President of MSU, Ben Finnegan, has since denied that the strippers were paid for using SU funds and that the SU accounts would be released once they were finalised. He also stated that college authorities were unaware that the event was taking place. In a statement given by NUI Maynooth, the college stated that “we have complained in the strongest possible regard to the officers of the Students Union. Our Security Department is establishing the facts of what took place, with a view to taking strong disciplinary action.” Students marched on MSU offices today in protest against the culture of sexism they say the union has promoted.

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  • Andrew Murphy

    That is disgusting. They should be forced to release the accounts and then promptly step down. Carry on like that can not be tolerated and gives all students a bad rap.

  • Tommy

    Won’t somebody think of the consenting adults?

  • Derry Quinn

    Everyone should calm down, nobody cared about it until it was brought to the papers, stinks of someone running against the incumbents trying to stir up a controversy where there isn’t one.

    • Paul Doyle

      So Derry – strippers in a public bar where there were 17 year old present is no hassle. And yes, the public can use the bar. Any member of the public could have arrived on the night.
      If it was all OK why did they not inform security (which they do before any live event to make sure there is no hassle) and the college authority’s that run the campus.
      Also, word has it that Mal has been slandering staff on his facebook account, not too mature or wise from a person in his position of authority.

      • Paddy

        “Word Has It”

        That is a complete lie. Mal has not made reference to any member of staff.

        They’re consenting adults. 17 year olds are legally allowed to engage in intercourse anyway, I don’t think seeing seductive dance moves will mentally scar them

  • Paul Doyle

    Taxpayers money to be used for funding students activities.
    I don’t think the taxpayer intended funding a group of horny students.
    The incumbent is running again!!
    After he was aware of what went on and did nothing to stop it!!!
    Are you people living in the real world?
    Mal – you are a gobshi1e.
    Ben -you have the cheek to run again after allowing this happen.
    Feckin idiots!
    This is the quality of our future, I think I will emigrate/////

    • Paddy

      Please do emigrate. It wasn’t funded by the the taxpayer or college.

  • kittykat

    As a female student of the college, I am shocked this happened and embarrassed it was in my college. The SU are normally all wonderful and it’s really crap this has happened. However, this article is trying to blame every person in the college about this and it’s unprofessional (though it is a student writer so I suppose that’s why..). Also, to Paul Doyle below, ID is checked going into the bar, you have to be 18, and if you’re not a student of the college, you have to be signed in by a student, so no, there wouldn’t have been 17 year olds and the public can’t just walk in.

    I don’t know who booked or paid the strippers, and whoever it was made a big mistake, it is a college and that’s not really appropriate, but it is just boys messing around. It’s a pity this might hurt Ben’s campaign but he didn’t organise this event and he’s been a great president this year, and he seems like a lovely guy.

    • Shane Porter

      “As a female student” what difference make if male or female student? As a college its expected to have ‘banter’. nothing wrong with strippers, its a legitimate job that can pay very well. ” but it is just boys messing around.” nice sexist statement there.

      • kittykat

        No, as a female, I’m likely to have a different view to a male on the idea of women stripping at a bachelor party. Maybe I would see it as the sexual exploitation of women. Personally I do tend to think of female strippers having a much stronger sexual vibe than males, for a number of reasons, like a woman is likely to expose more of her body than a man, like how a fully naked woman can be shown on tv when a man can’t. And I said it was boys messing around, because it was. It was males who organised the event, and males who paid the women. It was a male dominated event. I’m not being sexist, gender is a consideration here.

        • Shane Porter

          Actually I disagree, male strippers expose much more of the body than woman, as do male models and men on TV. A man can appear shertless on TV and that’s ok a woman must be in a bra or bikini top. It’s not sexual exploitation when its their choice. Dcu held a full male stripper event and not a si gle guy complained.

          • kittykat

            Again, no. There’s a pretty big difference between a bare chested man and a bare chested woman.. That’s exactly my point. Also, I didn’t say it was sexual exploitation, I said I could think that. The DCU party wasn’t on campus, and since it was male strippers, it isn’t the same as female, that’s my point. There isn’t the same level of sexuality to male strippers because they’re males and don’t expose anything, and because of the differences between male and female sexuality. The fact that what the SU knew and what they didn’t can’t be separated, and that the whole thing happened in a campus bar, where students as young as 18 could be present (you have to be 23 to go to a strip club) is the problem.

          • Brain Fallon

            There’s no difference between male and female strippers, this whole thing is a storm in a tea cup, all involved were consenting adults so get over it

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  • Shane Porter

    Trust a trinity student to write about another college in a negative way, there was nothing wrong with the event. It wasnt a problem till it made it to the papers, which meant everyone agreed with it. why even consider something from a paper that isnt worth the paper its written on. its like believing fox news, get over it.

  • vic

    erecting a stage ……. really !


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