Procrastination station 23/03/12

Welcome to our brand spanking new Procrastination Station: home of the funny, interesting and talked about. Our team of 2:2 getting procrastinators are trawling the web and plucking the very best videos to be uploaded here every day. Enjoy.

Its getting towards the end of term and a good procrastination has never been as important to keep you going – check out our hand picked selection for you today

Girls first ski jump

Never play this guy at “magic the gathering”

Movie mashup – all the breaking glass in total recall

Music Vid of the day – Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know

Charlie Brooker on KONY 2012

Comedy of the day – the trip – “we rise at daybreak”

Apache pilot showing off in Afghanistan

Sesame Street: Herry & John John Count 20

Extreme of the day – indoor skydiving dance

Food tip of the day – peeling garlic in no time

Man Flies Like a Bird using Actual Wings -real or not ???

Bizarre archive footage of the day – knife throwing mother

Trailer of the the day – Prometheus

Happy Birthdday Ronaldinho  – 4 off the crossbar !

Best News Bloopers of 2012 (Part 1)

Little Boxes – Walk off the Earth

Viral Ad of the day – skittle – go on do as your told, touch the rainbow