Top society picks for freshers’ fair

Luke O’Reilly and Ferdy Emmet pick out the essential sign-ups for this week, so save yourself the four-year trial and error

The Phil

The Phil is the oldest student society in the world which goes from strength to strength every year. Popular among freshers, the Phil considers its members to all be part of one big Phamily (Lord!). A tight-knit group,


Why I’m sick of people bashing Donald Trump

Well meaning liberal platitudes about Trump are no substitute for a real movement of people power, says Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin


The latest passionate condemnation of Donald Trump came this week in the form of an open letter from Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York on Monday (the 14th of March) – another well-constructed, facile enumeration of all the terrible


Remembering Trinity Balls past

Faces of College present and past share their Trinity Ball memories ahead of this week’s celebrations.


‘The experience is quite different as a lecturer’

Ivana Bacik, Trinity College fellow and deputy leader of the Seanad

I have attended Trinity Ball many times, and it’s always been great. Of course I went nearly every year when I …


Debate: should the SU be seeking commercial sponsorship?

The two candidates vying for the position of communications and marketing officer in this year’s SU elections go head to head.

comment1This year’s SU elections has seen Aifric Ni Chriodain and Jemma O’Leary, the two candidates running for the new position of communications and marketing officer, publicly clash over the issue of headline sponsorship. Ni Chriodain says her proposal to increase …


SU elections: what’s at stake?

Our news team assesses the key issues at stake in this year’s SU elections, from the shape of campaigns and the press to social and academic concerns.

indepth1This year’s SU elections are shaping up to be some of the most contested in recent memory. Not only are there a wealth of candidates vying for most positions, particularly in the presidential and welfare race, but this year’s incoming …