Editorial: The student union needs to reassess what successful engagement means

Buzzwords: ‘Engagement’ is the ‘neoliberal’ of the 2024 TCDSU election season

Another election season is upon us, with a handful of candidates promising to deliver for students and build upon, improve or completely reform what previous unions have done. Among the most prevalent campaign promises is that of engagement – several


Editorial: Ireland is not full, it’s derelict

The #IrelandIsFull movement is nothing more than a xenophobic excuse to blame poor housing policy on migrants and refugees.

For the past two weeks, the Irish media has detailed the shortage of accommodation for refugees arriving in Ireland. This shortage problem is about to get significantly worse as there are currently 365 hotels in Ireland whose contracts to house


A broke student’s guide to coffee breaks

Short of change after ball season? Desperately in need of a caffeine fix? We’re happy to help

The price of living in Dublin is getting increasingly higher and unfortunately that too means coffee is getting more expensive. In the next few weeks leading up to exams, you may have have the sudden realisation that your bank account


Top society picks for freshers’ fair

Luke O’Reilly and Ferdy Emmet pick out the essential sign-ups for this week, so save yourself the four-year trial and error

The Phil

The Phil is the oldest student society in the world which goes from strength to strength every year. Popular among freshers, the Phil considers its members to all be part of one big Phamily (Lord!). A tight-knit group,


Why I’m sick of people bashing Donald Trump

Well meaning liberal platitudes about Trump are no substitute for a real movement of people power, says Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin


The latest passionate condemnation of Donald Trump came this week in the form of an open letter from Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York on Monday (the 14th of March) – another well-constructed, facile enumeration of all the terrible


Remembering Trinity Balls past

Faces of College present and past share their Trinity Ball memories ahead of this week’s celebrations.


‘The experience is quite different as a lecturer’

Ivana Bacik, Trinity College fellow and deputy leader of the Seanad

I have attended Trinity Ball many times, and it’s always been great. Of course I went nearly every year when I …