Introducing Trinity’s new events website

The Trinity events website has gone live but what is it and how is it going to improve your student life at Trinity?


Yesterday evening (Sunday 29th January) saw Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) launch an official events calendar website. The site was made as a joint project between TCDSU and the Central Societies Committee (CSC) with Trinity Publications, DUCAC, and Trinity GSU also collaborating on it. It contains information on upcoming events available to Trinity students, helping both the hosts and potential attendees by flagging the location, time, and a brief description of what the event entails.

With there never being any shortage of events to go in College, students now have full access to the knowledge of what exactly is going on in Trinity on a day-to-day basis. Perhaps the greatest benefit of this calendar is that each of the capitated bodies have come together in its formation, and whether you’re looking to fill your time with an event held by a sports society, one of Trinity’s many publications, the GSU, TCDSU, or a regular society, this calendar serves as a gateway to all the necessary event information you may need.

Speaking to Trinity News on what motivated the creation of this website, TCSU President Kieran McNulty said: “I knew as a Fresher who wanted to get involved in many societies that it was difficult to piece together what was happening and when. Trinity has such a diverse and packed society/SU/club schedule – we should show it off!”

Tomorrow will see the Trinity MyDay app updated with a feature linking students directly to the event calendar. The calendar will be updated often, but expect to see a majority of events added each Sunday night!

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