Concerns raised by DUCAC over Summer Series concerts

Potential damage to the cricket pitch and safety concerns surrounding the Pavilion Bar are among the issues raised

Dublin University Central Athletic Committee (DUCAC) have expressed concerns to the Commercial Revenue Unit (CRU) regarding the upcoming Summer Series concerts.

DUCAC, who were not consulted prior to the announcement of the concerts, voiced concerns to the CRU and the organisers, concert promoters MCD, regarding possible damage to facilities, in particular the cricket pitch. Speaking to Trinity News, the CRU in cooperation with Trinity Sport, working with DUCAC, confirmed that concerns had been raised but that MCD had “a long history in organising the Trinity Ball and is mindful of the conservation of its campus”.

Among the steps being taken to prevent damage to the pitch are “significant and specialised ground protection. The CRU also confirmed that the six evening period was well below the “ten day threshold for grass protection”. There will be “zero access” to the cricket pitch for the duration of the series. Any Trinity Sport activities displaced by the series will be relocated or compensated.

The situation surrounding the Pavilion Bar, owned and operated by DUCAC, was another point of concern. The CRU confirmed that the Pavilion Bar would potentially be closed for “some of the evenings”. The reasons for potentially closing the bar were due to “health and safety reasons”. However, it was noted that efforts were being made to allow the Pavilion Bar to provide “alternative hospitality services to concert attendees”. Chairman of the Pavilion committee, Professor Cyril Smyth, confirmed to Trinity News that negotiations were ongoing surrounding the operation of the bar during the concerts.

On not consulting DUCAC prior to confirming the event, the CRU said that it was “not always practical or feasible to consult with a whole range of stakeholders as commercial business is confidential”. The statement also confirmed that the proceeds from the concerts would be used to fund the “academic needs of the University”. These funds were described as “another valuable source of funding for the College in the current climate of underfunding of higher education”.


The concerts, taking place in College Park between July 6th and 11th, will feature Alt-J, The Pixies and Bell X1 among others.