Alternative things to do for Halloween

If you’re too old for trick or treating and nightclubs aren’t your thing, check out how else you can spend the night

Art by Jenny Corcoran

In our nightlife-centred student culture, it can be difficult to find a way to enjoy your Halloweeen weekend that doesn’t involve overpriced drinks and techno, but there’s still an array of slightly spine-chilling things to do on All Hallow’s Eve.

Binge watch series two of Stranger Things on Netflix

Let me recap on where we left off last season. We expressed our frustration with the hashtag #Justice4Barb.

After meeting two FBI agents in the dead of night, we created theories, trying to figure out why Sheriff Hopper put waffles in the mailbox. A handful of us worried why Nancy had not broken up with Steve yet. Lastly, we were all concerned about Will after he coughed up a slug.

The season two debut comes out on Netflix October 27 and I know fans are all anxiously waiting, but save it for Halloweeen night. Otherwise, you are left watching re-runs of Carrie, which we have all seen more times than we bargained for.

Global Room Hallowe’en Night

For those of us from abroad, the Global Room is holding their annual Hallowe’en night, complete with games, scary movies and haunted tours of College. If you’re new to Trinity it’s a sure fire way to meet fellow students and grab some free food, which is really the name of the game in college.

Time: 5-9pm, October 31

Free ticketed event, link available on the Global Room Facebook page

Bram Stoker Festival

For anyone in the English or History department, or simply fascinated with Dracula, the Bram Stoker festival is for you. Events are scattered throughout Dublin, with live screenings of Dracula, plus a live music trail.

Literary fans of Stoker’s work will enjoy the “Anatomy of a Critic,” which will explore Bram Stoker’s early career life as a theatre critic, and “Bram Stoker’s Dublin: A Psycho-Geography” which will give you historical insight to help you better understand his works.

Time: 27-30 October

Check out for the full lineup of events

Whitby Premiere at the Smock Alley Theatre

There’s nothing like a bit of creepy theatre to set the mood; the premiere of Whitby, a theatrical reimagining of Dracula takes place on Hallowe’en weekend. The brainchild of dance artist Colin Dunne and theatre maker Joan Sheehy, the play will be brought to life in Dublin’s oldest theatre and is a great way to mix festivities with culture.

Time: 27 – 30 October

Tickets start at €12, available here.

“IN CASE OF EMERGENCY” at the Science Gallery

The Science Gallery will be holding a new exhibition, “IN CASE OF EMERGENCY”, which will explore all the ways the world might end and how to survive them.

This Friday, as part of the exhibition the Science Gallery will play host to A Prepper Party for the End of the World,  in partnership with the Bram Stoker Festival, which features a screening of Contagion.

Time: 7-10pm on October 27

Free ticketed event. Tickets here

Spooktacular Boo at Dublin Zoo

Yes, this is aimed at kids, but they give all the animals pumpkins to play with. Think of the possibilities. The cuteness will give you diabetes without having to eat a single refresher. Plus, the keepers will be having talks and playing music all day, so it’s sure to have a fun atmosphere. And baby elephants. With pumpkins.

Time: October 3, 9:30-5:30pm

Student tickets go for €13.50 with a valid ID

Horror Expo Ireland at the Freemasons’ Hall

If you’re a horror movie enthusiast or in the business yourself, Horror Expo is a perfect chance to learn from the best. Featuring Q&A sessions and demonstrations from special effects technicians, the event is packed to the brim with podcasters, directors, scholars of horror and a vampire expert.

Dress-up is encourage and it’s in a Freemasons’ Hall, so there’s the added appeal to conspiracy theorists.

Time: October 29

Tickets start at €26.65, available from horrorexpoireland