This week in Trinity: Refugee Week and Global Perspectives

The lowdown on what’s happening on campus this week

Photo Credit: Joe McCallion/ Trinity News

Trinity College Dublin, a place where minds are opened everyday to an array of revolutionary thoughts and ideas which shape the world around us. A multi cultural campus where students of all nationalities and backgrounds mix, both academically and socially. A university that prides itself on its international connections with other universities across the world.

However, for us students it is easy to get caught up in our own ‘Trinity bubble’. We can become so occupied with our college work, friends and social lives that it is easy to forget that there is in fact life outside the walls of our beloved university.

This week will see a range of internationally focused events, particularly as part of ‘Refugee Week’, which will encourage us all to widen our concerns beyond our own particular college affairs, and remember what is going on in the wider world.

Refugee Week, which is being jointly hosted by the Student’s Union, Suas, Amnesty, Environmental Soc, Lit Soc and Fem Soc, will welcome a host of low-key events aimed at raising awareness of an incredibly pressing issue, which seems to have become less prevalent in the media and the minds of the general public in recent months.

The week will feature two films screening, the first of which will be ‘Sumud: Everyday Resistance’ by Mayo-based visual artist and filmmaker Emmet Sheerin. This award-winning short film highlights aspects of Palestinian life in a refreshing way that presents its subjects not as victims, but as proactive, engaged and dignified.

One of the highlights of the week will be ‘Cultural Appreciation Day’, to be held on Thursday. This will feature a Global Breakfast, appropriately taking place in our very own Global Room as well as a panel discussion on the topic in TBSI.

Whether you attend any event at all this week it is important that we all make a conscious effort to be always tolerant of different cultures and remember the plight that too many refugees are facing on a daily basis.

In keeping with the international theme on Monday Sofia- Trinity’s society for International Affairs will be welcoming the French Ambassador to Ireland, Stépane Crouzat, following on from the successful visit of the Japanese ambassador just two weeks ago. This event will be followed by a reception of what promises to be some quite excellent French wines to please both the ambassador and all of those in attendance.

If you’re more at home on the other side of the pond however, Trinity will be holding its very own Thanksgiving dinner this Thursday at 6 in the Global Room. Guests are encouraged to bring some of their own cooking along to the dinner as well as getting the chance to gorge on all of the tantalising sweet and savoury dishes that will be on offer.

This event is open to absolutely all nationalities and cultures but as it is going to, understandably, be such a popular event, it is advised that you visit the facebook page and put your name on the ‘guestlist’ (the google doc linked in the description), in order that you secure your place at the table.