A winter showcase of wonder

TMT and DU dance hosted their Winter Showcase in Powerscourt Townhouse on Wednesday night, featuring performances from TMT, DU Dance, Trinity Belles and DU Music

As the nights get colder, shops get busier and essay deadlines grow closer,  the annual Winter Showcase proved an excellent way to bask in the liveliness, energy and exuberance of festive cheer. Held in Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, the showcase was hosted by an array of societies; Trinity Musical Theatre (TMT), DU Dance, Trinity Belles, and DU Music. 

Upon arrival to the venue located on charming South William Street, guests were provided with a refreshing glass of wine and a friendly greeting by the organisers.The actual show took place in an intimate room filled with candlelight and festively decorated tables.  It was the perfect setting. Before the performance began, there was a joyful atmosphere of anticipation and excitement in the auditorium. The showcase was hosted and narrated by Will Dunleavy who left the audience exploding with laughter between the different acts with his hilarious jokes and anecdotes.

There was a vast variety of different acts and performances by the diverse societies involved in the event. DU Dance opened the show with their Irish Intervarsity dance troupe. Other acts in the first half included the Declan Kinahan, a hip-hop intervarsity, and one of the highlights; the fabulous Trinity Belles. This group of girls provided a creative and highly original medley of a wide variety of artists including Sia, Shakira and to finish, an entertaining re-enactment of the infamous Mean Girls Jingle Bell Rock scene.

After a short interval to top up your wine glass and catch-up with friends, the second act featured show-stopping talent. Led by Eoin Hand and Ben Steacy, TMT performed an immensely moving rendition of ‘Bui-Doi’ from Miss Saigon which recently took Dublin by storm. Other performances included two solo female acts: Jill Montgomery and Fiona Garvey, a creative Britney Spears dance tribute by DU Dance, an entertaining clip from the new Broadway hit ‘Hamilton’ and a splendid version of ‘Cell Block Tango‘ by TMT.

The deafening clapping and cheering at the end of the showcase clearly represented the incredible array of talent displayed throughout the night. Each and every one of the performers did their societies proud and demonstrated the vitality of the music scene in Trinity. A huge congratulations has to be made to the four different societies for their organisation of this wonderful event, one I sincerely hope will continue to be an annual event.