New undergraduate certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Trinity students launched

The certificate is available to Senior Fresh students from all disciplines

  A new undergraduate certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Trinity students has been announced, and will be available to students in January.

The certificate is available to Senior Fresh students from all disciplines. The course, which is 70% online and 30% classroom-based teaching, costs €150.

The certificate is run by the Innovation Academy at Trinity, which was established in 2010 to foster creative thinking and innovation across multiple disciplines at a postgraduate level. The Innovation Academy also offers a corresponding certificate for postgraduate students. Modules are offered in partnership with Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) and University College Dublin (UCD).  

Speaking to Trinity News, Student Liaison Officer at the Innovation Academy, Catherine O’Brien, explained the reason for the €150 cost for Senior Fresh students, saying: “This course is primarily delivered online, using bespoke content that has been developed by the Academy team, in collaboration with Trinity Online Services.”


“The students will also be processed through the Academic Registry after the initial registration, which will administer the programme through the student records system, for transcripts, progression and awards.”  

The corresponding PhD module is provided free of charge to registered PhD students in Trinity. O’Brien stated that the PhD programme “does not use online delivery and does not use the Registry to administer the records”.

The undergraduate certificate is comprised of two equally weighted modules. The first module, Creative Thinking, begins in the 2018 Hilary Term.  It promises to develop communication, teamwork and leadership skills, alongside promoting adaptability, integrity and work ethic.  The module aims to create students who are innovative in their approach to problem solving, through active learning in workshops, discussions, team challenges and presentations.

The module taken in the 2019 Hilary Term, Entrepreneurial Action, hopes to provide students with the “experience of building and managing a project from idea to implementation”.  

Both modules are worth five credits and will each require 125 hours of student effort split between 105 hours of independent study and group work and contact hours consisting of lectures, workshops and online lectures.  The modules are marked based 50% on project work and 50% on continuous assessment.  

The module coordinator is Dr. Daniel Rogers, a graduate of University College Cork (UCC), who completed his PhD in experimental psychology in Trinity.  Also teaching the modules is Louise Andrews who holds a primary degree in Applied Chemistry from Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), a postgraduate Marketing degree from the Marketing Institute of Ireland (MII) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Athlone Institute of Technology(AIT).