TCDSU Presidential candidate Sean Ryan receives major strike from EC for “€300 bar tab” Whatsapp messages

Ryan will not be allowed to campaign online between 9pm tonight and 9pm tomorrow night

Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) Presidential candidate Sean Ryan has been issued a major strike by the Electoral Commission.

In an email statement, Chair of the EC Gillian Kiely, said a meeting was called with the candidate “to discuss a breach in Schedule 3”. Ryan will not be allowed to campaign online from 9pm tonight till 9pm tomorrow night. 15 campaign t-shirts have also been confiscated for tonight’s hustings in Trinity Hall.

The strike is in relation to a member of Ryan’s campaign team, Chair of Trinity GAA Eoin O’Neill, appearing to offer members of the Freshers GAA football team a €300 bar tab in Dicey’s Garden Club on Harcourt Street in exchange for votes for Ryan. Ryan denies promising any bar tab.

Ryan, a fourth year Law student, has previously been sanctioned twice by the EC but had not received any strikes. Last year, he was on the campaign team of the then-Chairperson of Trinity GAA Bryan Mallon, who came second in the Presidential race.

Schedule 3 of TCDSU’s Constitution outlines election regulations and dates. Breaches of EC rules usually result in a strike against a candidate, with the candidate removed from the ballot after their third rule break.

Niamh Lynch

Niamh was Editor of the 65th volume of Trinity News. She is a History and Politics graduate.