Over 200 alumni sign petition in protest of supplemental exam fees

The signatories said they cannot act as ambassadors for Trinity nor make any kind of financial contribution

Photo by Jessie Dolliver

A group of Trinity College graduate students have gathered over 200 alumni signatures for a petition protesting College’s decision to introduce a €450 flat fee for supplemental exams.

The petition states that “we the co-signers, cannot support the institution and its recent actions. We regret to inform you that we cannot in good conscience act as ambassadors for the institution in any capacity, nor can we make any kind of financial contribution now or in the future. It will only be possible to reconsider this decision when the university reverses its policy of targeting vulnerable students”

Students involved in the Take Back Trinity campaign earlier blockaded the entrance to the Book of Kells this afternoon, which has led to the closure of the building by College.  The move comes after College last night welcomed the “wind down” of protests over supplemental exam fees.

The Take Back Trinity campaign was established in the wake of the implementation of a €450 flat fee for supplemental exams despite a valid poll of 3,504 students, 82%  voting against the implementation of fees in a preferendum of 3,504 students on 22 February.

The campaign are demanding that college scrap the supplemental exam fee, introduce affordable rent options for the full academic year and no more increases to any student fees, in any form.

Additional reporting by Sarah Meehan