TCDSU loses quorum before end of final Council

All motions will be deferred to first Council next year, including a motion to mandate TCDSU delegates at the USI conference

Photo by Ciaran Sunderland

The last council of Trinity College Student’s Union (TCDSU) council lost quorum before the end of the meeting as not enough class reps stayed to the end of the meeting. As a result all motions have been deferred until next council including a motion about voting mandates for TCDSU delegates at the next USI conference.  TCDSU delegates will now have a free vote at the USI conference.

Speaking to Trinity News TCDSU Education Officer Alice MacPherson said that students will have a later opportunity to forward their concerns to the delegates.

Speaking to Trinity News TCDSU President Kevin Keane stated: “Council tonight was over three hours long. We had excellent turnout at the beginning of Council, and throughout. At around 9.45, a count for quorum was called, and it didn’t pass. This means that some of our reps had to leave after more than two and a half hours, which is very reasonable. Council is a very long meeting, and the Union does all it can to expedite the process. Sometimes, that is not possible”.

Other deferred motions proposed for discussion included surveying students on clinical placement, campaigning for University of Sanctuary status, the attendance of the Gender Equality Officer at DU Gender Equality Society (DUGES) meetings and a motion for the President to present a new Strategic Plan to the first SU Council of 2018/2019.

A discussion on cigarettes as single-use plastics was proposed by Health Sciences (HS) Convenor Ronan Doherty. Several members of Council spoke against the discussion item. Stacy Wrenn, Junior Sophister Islamic and Jewish Civilisations class rep, pointed out that cigarettes degrade faster than other single-use plastics, while another respondent agreed that there were “bigger battles to fight” and classifying cigarettes as single-use plastics would “victimise” certain students.

Molly McCrory, Physics class rep, countered that the number of cigarettes disposed on campus is a significant issue. One Council member highlighted biodegradable filters as an alternative.

Elections for Part-Time Officers also took place this evening at Council. Students were elected to positions as Part-Time Officers, Faculty convenors, members of Electoral Commision, and members of the Oversight Commission.

Council awarded Declan Treanor and Ralph Astley Honorary Membership of the Union. Treanor is the Director of Disability Services and Astley is an Co-ordinator of Student2Student (S2S). Union of Students in Ireland (USI) hustings also took place this evening at Council. Trinity students running for a position on the USI this year include Colm O’ Halloran and Damien McClean.

Aisling Grace

Aisling Grace was the Editor-in-Chief of the 66th Volume of Trinity News. She was also formerly Online Editor and Deputy News Editor.