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Explainer: Why is the Book of Kells in Trinity?

Amidst TCD BDS’ ongoing encampment outside the Book of Kells many are asking why the historic book is housed in College

Coined as a jewel of Ireland’s cultural heritage, the Book of Kells has been housed in Trinity College Dublin since 1661.

The UNESCO Memory of the World item, according to figures published by Fáilte Ireland, attracted 1,057,642 visitors in 2018.…

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Faoistiní ó dalta na Gaeilge: Conas fáil réidh le gráin don Ghaeilge i ndiaidh na hArdteiste

Déanann Meadhbh Ní Cheallacháin, iníon léinn na Gaeilge, anailíse ar an ngráin a mhothaítear don Ghaeilge i ndiaidh na meánscoile

An bhfuil grá don Ghaeilge caillte agat tar éis do thréimhse sa mheánscoil, agus an dteastaíonn uait an grá a fháil ar ais? Seo meabhrúchán sciobtha ó ardchumacht (dalta le spleodar sa Ghaeilge!) chun do chuid Gaeilge a úsáid níos

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Analysis: The constitutional debate at the heart of TCDSU

After a year of constitutional breaches by the president, the EC and OC must decide whether the TCDSU constitution should account for expression of political ideology

When campaigning for Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) president last year, László Molnárfi made clear that the “union needs to be strong, grassroots and … call out the government”. If nothing else, he has lived up to this promise.

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Explainer: Everything you need to know about the March 8 referendums

The referendums to broaden the definition of family and replace the amendment about women’s role in care has generated a lot of questioning

On March 8, people across Ireland will take to the polls to vote in two referendums, determining whether constitutional amendments relating to the family and care will be implemented. The first referendum aims to broaden the constitutional definition of a …

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Analysis: Generation Z and the European elections

For the first time, the majority of a politically mobilised and media-savvy age cohort will have the right to vote in a crucial election for the future of Europe

As Trinity students deliberate on the future makeup of their student union, a number of decisive ballots are set to take place in the near future which have ramifications that go far beyond Campus – and, for that matter, these …

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Analysis: Bernie Sanders asserts limits to protests during Irish visit

While visiting Trinity’s debating societies for his contributions to public discourse, Sanders showed the extent to which he believes protests are appropriate

US Senator Bernie Sanders visited Dublin this week as a part of a book tour for his new book, It’s OK to be Angry About Capitalism. He attended various events across the city, promoting his book about challenging the “uber-capitalist …

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Analysis: Student housing could be this government’s lifeline, but are they really taking it?

Student housing initiatives tick all the political boxes to entice future and current voters

An investment in student accommodation across the State, worth €434 million, was announced last month by Minister for Further and Higher Education Simon Harris and Minister for Housing Darragh O’Brien, thus enabling colleges and universities to ultimately provide in excess

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TCDSU and political alignment

Your guide to TCDSU’s political alignment and its future

Over the past weeks there has been much discussion surrounding Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) and its policy regarding political affiliation. This discussion has stemmed from some students’ calls for an apolitical union and resulted in a failed vote