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Analysis: Bernie Sanders asserts limits to protests during Irish visit

While visiting Trinity’s debating societies for his contributions to public discourse, Sanders showed the extent to which he believes protests are appropriate

US Senator Bernie Sanders visited Dublin this week as a part of a book tour for his new book, It’s OK to be Angry About Capitalism. He attended various events across the city, promoting his book about challenging the “uber-capitalist …

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Analysis: Student housing could be this government’s lifeline, but are they really taking it?

Student housing initiatives tick all the political boxes to entice future and current voters

An investment in student accommodation across the State, worth €434 million, was announced last month by Minister for Further and Higher Education Simon Harris and Minister for Housing Darragh O’Brien, thus enabling colleges and universities to ultimately provide in excess

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TCDSU and political alignment

Your guide to TCDSU’s political alignment and its future

Over the past weeks there has been much discussion surrounding Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) and its policy regarding political affiliation. This discussion has stemmed from some students’ calls for an apolitical union and resulted in a failed vote

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Timeline: How the Dublin Riots unfolded

Rioters wreaked havoc in Dublin on Thursday evening. Reports point to an attack earlier in the day that triggered the disorder. This guide outlines what transpired

On Thursday evening, chaos erupted in Dublin City Centre, with numerous vehicles set on fire and shops vandalised and looted as rioters forcefully marched through the heart of the capital. Garda Commissioner Drew Harris denounced the violence that unfolded throughout

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Explainer: What ties does Trinity have to Israel?

Trinity continues to have ties to at least 12 Israeli organisations through research collaboration and business relationships


Earlier this month over 600 academics across the country called on Irish universities to sever all partnerships and affiliations with Israeli institutions until the occupation of Palestinian territory is ended, the Palestinian rights to equality and self-determination are vindicated, and …

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Analysis: #UnmuteConsent, initiatives to combat sexual violence in College

#UnmuteConsent Campaign 2023 was recently launched. But what does it actually entail? And who benefits?

On 2 October 2023, higher education institutions across Ireland, including representative bodies like the Higher Education Authority (HEA), Irish Universities Association (IUA), and Union of Students in Ireland (USI), formally launched the #UnmuteConsent Campaign 2023. This launch aims to utilise

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Explainer: The past, present, and future of the Berkeley Library

As the former Berkeley library is currently nameless, expectations grow for it to be renamed in a progressive manner

The Library formerly known as the Berkeley Library was denamed this April after a vote taken by the College Board, in which they opined that the former name was “inconsistent with the University’s core values of human dignity, freedom, inclusivity

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Analysis: A leftist coalition’s budget may be more similar to government’s than we think

Although the degree of spending varies significantly, the top three left-leaning political parties in the State hold close to identical priorities, however many of these echo Government plans

Last week, the Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil, Green Party coalition government released their highly anticipated Budget 2024, thus setting forth their economic plan for their social and political agenda for this coming year. Government delivered for third-level students in many