Trinity professor elected as ordinary member of International Science Council

Professor Anna Davies was among the 10 members elected from 54 nominees

Photo by ISC

Geography Professor Anna Davies has been elected as an ordinary member of the first governing board of the International Science Council (ICS).

The ICS, formed from the merger of the International Council for Science (ICSU) and the International Social Science Council (ISSC), held its first general assembly on Wednesday in Paris.

At the meeting, Peter Gluckman, the former chief science advisor for the Prime Minister of New Zealand became President-elect. A ten-member governing board was also elected from 54 nominees, with Professor Anna Davies being among those elected.

Davies attended the event as a nominee of the Royal Irish Academy (RIA). Both Trinity and the RIA tweeted their congratulations to Prof Davies, with the RIA tweeting: “We are delighted to hear that our nominee from the RIA Anna Davies has been elected as an ordinary member of the Governing Board of the ISC.”

Davies joined the RIA in 2017 and now chairs the RIA Future Earth Ireland expert group. Davies is also a member of the National Climate Change Council as well as the expert group for the Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change.

The ISC is a non-governmental organization with a membership of more than 180 international scientific bodies. According to their website, the ISC’s mission is to “act as the global voice for science” and “to advance science as a global public good.” It will “enable international research coordination to contribute more effectively to major issues in the international public domain.”

Danielle Olavario

Danielle Olavario is a former SciTech Editor of Trinity News. She is a Microbiology graduate.