Trinity Business School construction to conclude in March

Provost Patrick Prendergast has announced the opening date for the new building

Construction on Trinity’s new business school is expected to finish in March, Provost Patrick Prendergast has announced.

In his address at Blackhall Place, “A vision for Trinity and Dublin”, Prendergast also outlined that Trinity has invested €80m in the project, composed of €20m from philanthropic donations and €60m in investment and loans.

Developments on the new Trinity Business School building have been ongoing for the past five years, from the project’s conception to its expected completion date in March. “We’re happy with that timeframe and in the course of planning and building, we’ve developed ‘best practice’ which we’ll be using on current and future projects,” Prendergast explained.

The new building is set to house Trinity’s Ideas Workspace, also known as “Tangent,” a 600-seat auditorium, and 200-seat cafe. The building is set to be nearly 12,000 square metres on completion and is to also have an innovation and enterprise hub to provide space and for businesses to encourage links between students, staff, and businesses.

Most recently, College announced plans to build E3, an institute for engineering, environment and emerging technologies. The institute integrates engineering, technology and the natural sciences to address major global challenges including climate change and sustainable manufacturing. College aims to expand STEM student numbers by 1,800 through the extension.

The Learning Foundry, housed in E3, is expected to feature collaborative student spaces as an alternative to lecture theatres. Additionally, the E3 Research Institute is to be constructed as part of the National Grand Canal Innovation District Project.

College also plans to replace the recently demolished Oisín House with a development featuring sports facilities, student rooms and a new student health centre.