Five ways you can keep active within the bounds of social distancing

From walking to Wii Fit, there are plenty of ways to stay active whilst staying safe

In the current circumstances, keeping active is perhaps more important than ever, as we are challenged to really think outside of the box in regard to maintaining our current fitness levels and stopping ourselves from diving head first into a box of biscuits on the sofa. Although social distancing confines us to our homes and staying 2 metres away from those outside, physical activity can still be achieved, and in fact should be achieved now more than ever. Here are some of the ways you can keep active within the bounds of social distancing


Rudimentary as it may be, walking is the most simple and oftentimes one of the most effective ways to keep active. You can choose to walk alone (and maybe listen to some Green Day while you’re at it) or with a household member, but remember to maintain the 2 metre or 6.5 foot distance from anyone else you encounter. Although this may sound impossible, it is totally doable and still allows you to talk to the person you’re walking with. Walking is also a good way to explore your locality in a different way than you usually would, taking the time to look around rather than working with the purpose of reaching a destination. Podcasts can be helpful accompaniments. For me, when I’m listening to true crime in particular, I find I won’t want to stop walking until the episode has finished. 

(Free) Online Classes

YouTube is a fantastic companion for many things at the moment, but contrary to popular belief it contains much more than compilations of cat videos; specifically, a variety of online sports classes. Zumba routines, yoga routines (Yoga with Adrienne’s thirty day challenge is particularly good), home workout routines for purposes of weight loss, toning or strength building are just some of the things you can check out and roping in a sibling or someone at home to do them with you will prove to be more fun. Alexis Ren’s 10 minute ab workout can be moulded into your own challenge to do it for 30 days, which I have done before and can attest to its benefits. For something more advanced, Cyberobics, which was initially a subscription based service has now become free and offers hundreds of workouts from line dancing to kettlebells and is well worth a try. Fitbit Premium is also offering a 90 day free trial which includes workout videos and stress management techniques. 

Video Games

With the popularity of Animal Crossing: New Horizons at the moment, why not have a bit of a Nintendo throwback moment in another way and break out Wii Fit and Just Dance? If you were lucky enough to own a Nintendo Wii or Fitness games on your Xbox, now is the time to break them out and get moving. Games such as Wii Fit and Just Dance, although not always the most proven ways to stay active, are fun alternatives that can be done with other household members. Wii Fit allows you to set fitness goals and includes activities such as Yoga, balancing activities, muscle training and aerobic exercises. Particularly fun dance routines on Just Dance that will give you a proper workout include: Jai Ho (You are my Destiny), Rasputin and Jump in the Line. Xbox also offers Zumba and Fitness games, giving you a good opportunity to start a new hobby. 


Feel like running away from the coronavirus? Why not start by running around your local area first? Grabbing a running buddy from home or one of your friends as long as you maintain distance could be a new hobby during this time. There are many running apps that can help you get started, such as Couch to 5k (what better time to start this than now) and Zombies Run. The latter is very handy to use with headphones and really will get you to run far away from fictional impending doom – zombies. The app is a story based workout app that begins in a base camp during a zombie apocalypse and sees you running to survive and collect supplies. Although this is a concept a bit close to home at the moment, it is an interesting way to keep active and will motivate you to finish your run. 


If you have some rackets and tennis balls lying around somewhere, you could head to a local tennis court and play with a partner. As the game actually requires you to maintain social distance, tennis is a good one for keeping active and safe at the same time. Table tennis if you have access to a board is also a good way to keep fit and work on hand eye coordination in particular. While a number of clubs may have shut their doors, given the new government restrictions, even heading to a local park and setting up your own tennis variant could be a fun alternative to pounding the pavement.

Times may be difficult and having the motivation to keep fit and active can be challenging when we are told to stay inside as much as we possibly can. Recruiting fellow members of your household to exercise with you can be helpful to keep you on track and can also help with mental health which ought to be minded too in this time. Without pushing yourself too hard, small ways to stay active can help you to stay sane in this unprecedented time.

Suzanne Flynn

Suzanne Flynn is the current Deputy Life Editor for Trinity News, and a Senior Sophister Law and German student.