Arts & Culture

Creatives in Trinity: Ellie O’Neill

The singer-songwriter speaks to Suzanne Flynn about creativity, publications and Coronavirus

Interviewing someone in the current climate certainly poses its challenges. Instead of having the luxury to sit and enjoy a quiet coffee, we choose to ring over WhatsApp and discuss her creativity through this medium. Singer-songwriter Ellie O’Neill is a

Sex & Relationships

Maintaining relationships online

Small ways you can keep in touch during self isolation

The current circumstances have created challenges for everyone. Friendships, as well as romantic relationships, have been strained by a lack of physical communication. However, using self-isolation as a chance to let relationships grow and develop under extraordinary circumstances offers a …

Food & Drink

Terrific Tapas at Cava

Dublin’s new tapas restaurant you won’t stop talking about

Tapas is a classic holiday food favourite, though it can be difficult to find authentic versions outside Spain. With places like Salamanca and Tapas de Lola seen as popular options in Dublin, is there a justification for another restaurant offering