December Horoscopes

DU Astro Soc’s Buse Tobin on what you can expect as we look into the new month


Feel that? Mercury has entered Sagittariusthere’s an air of optimism in your communications. You’re ready for new and exciting experiences as a New Moon in Sagittarius comes in the middle of the month, and, coupled with Venus entering Sagittarius, it’s a time for big ideas, adventure, and new experiences. Jump in head first, the stars will hold you up. 


It’s a time for developing your love life in new and exciting ways, little Taurus. You may be too locked in a pattern, too settled in your routine and love life. Branch out, try something new. 


You should feel a new and fresh breath in your communications, Gemini. Are you ready for change? It’s coming. Think big, as new ideas flow this month. Take leadership, take charge, and take control of your life. 


Take it easy this month, Cancer, and let yourself go with the flow. Change is a natural part of life; don’t swim against the current. A full Moon in Cancer towards the end of the month offers closure in domestic spheres. Let your heart be open. 


Are you ready to take charge? Sagittarius offers much in the way of leadership, as the Sun, Mercury and Venus all enter the sign. Take a chance, let go of a bit of control, and watch your life take new and exciting turns. 


This might be a difficult month for you, as daily routines make way for big changes. Don’t be afraid to take unconventional turns as Aquarius enters Saturn in the middle of the month. Try on some new ideas, let yourself be taken by adventure. True inspiration comes from diversity. 


Feelings come to the forefront this month, Libra. Develop ideas, and let yourself express them. There may be changes in your love life; lean into them. 


The openness of this month might jar you, but allow yourself to flower. New developments might arise in your love life. A whirlwind romance might be on the cards. Despite an intense month, open your heart to new possibilities. 


It’s your time, baby. The Sun, the Moon, Venus and mercury all bow to you this month. Whatever you’re thinking about, do it. Now is the time. The work will follow.


Settle into a leading role, Capricorn, as we end December in your season and Mercury in your sign. Remember the easiness of Sagittarius season as you settle into your routine at the end of the month. Emotional moments might throw you off at the end of the monthlooking at you, full moonbut don’t let it keep you down. 


Are you feeling intellectual? New ideas will flow, new art will be made, and new connections will bloom. All you have to do is open your heart to it. As Saturn enters Aquarius on the 17th, ready yourself for intellectual pursuits. With hard work, they’ll pay off by the end of the month. 


Sagittarius season offers time to develop the big aspects of your life: grow, expand, heal and develop. It’s a time for adventure and for freedom. Cast off the intensity of November and open yourself to new experiences. They’ll come for you whether you’re ready or not.