What like it’s hard?

TCD Hist wins in a fierce debate against Harvard in: “This house believes capitalism is incompatible with solving climate change”

On Wednesday February 21st, at 7:30 pm, Trinity College Dublin Historical Society sat down with Harvard University to debate the ever-growing problem of climate change. Officially the debate argued: “This house believes capitalism is incompatible with solving climate change.”



Carrie the Musical: A review

Amelia Flynn provides an in depth review of TMT’s rendition of Carrie the Musical.

King’s blood-curdling story was first immortalised in print (1974), followed by screen (1976), and ultimately; stage (1988). The initial stage premiere of this musical in the late 80s was notoriously disastrous. Its early closure cemented its status as one of


Laid bare: The annual CancerSoc naked calendar

Louise Cullen sits down with Cancer Soc to learn the ins and outs of their annual naked calendar.

Do people actually want to look at naked Trinity students?

Apparently, yes – if it’s for charity. The annual Naked Calendar, organised by the Trinity Cancer Society, is now entering its fifteenth year of publication. If you’re not familiar with


Campus coffee hours

Honey Morris dives into the coffee hours of Q-Soc and French Soc, thinking about what makes a good coffee hour, and how coffee makes everything better

Meeting new people, going to new places, and having new experiences can be overwhelming for anyone; but like most things in life, coffee makes it better. 

Across campus, there are several coffee hours that are hosted by different societies. A


What does Trinity stand for? Students and guests debate the Berkeley’s new name with the Hist

Oscar Wilde, Eavan Boland, and the year 1904 were just a few of the new names suggested by speakers on Wednesday night.

On Wednesday evening, Trinity’s Exam Hall was – in a fashion rarely seen at the very start of the semester, long before exams – packed. Abandoning the sacred Graduates’ Memorial Building (GMB) for the night, the College Historical Society (the


A bloody triumph: The team behind Carrie the Musical

Siobhán Walsh sits down with the team behind TMT’s upcoming Musical: Carrie to discuss the cast, the crew, and the artistic decisions made.

In a year where studios seem bizarrely eager to hide the musical parts of their movie-musicals (looking at you Mean Girls…) it’s great to see that love for musical theatre is still alive and well. I was delighted to sit


Trinity’s most serious society

Honey Morris sits down to analyse the rigid functions within the core group of Comedians Against Trinity

College: A time of laughter, tears, and everything in between.

“The comedy society is as much about watching comedy as it is performing”

“A lot of good comedians are introverted and it doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be good


Getting involved in the giving season with Childhood Cancer Ireland

Siobhán Walsh speaks to the Cancer Society about their Christmas toy appeal in partnership with Childhood Cancer Ireland

As the nights get longer and the days get darker (even more so than usual this year it seems), there are still some bright spots to look forward to. Christmas lights adorn the streets of Dublin, friends and family make


Lit Soc recommends: Autumn edition

Alice Matty asks the Literary Society committee for a fall favourite to sum up the season

As autumn comes to its conclusion, a recap of sorts is in order. But what better way to wrap up a season than a definite list of its best reads? Naturally, I got in touch with Trinity’s finest knowledgeable minds: