The Struggles of Starting a New Society

Honey Morris explains the taxing process of pitching a society to the CSC, and to not have it pass approval

Trinity is home to a plethora of societies and anyone involved in these societies is no stranger to working with the Central Societies Committee (CSC). The CSC is the main committee that oversees the larger workings of the societies around …


Dazzling display of dance: DU Dance showcase at intervarsities

Molly Haslam covers the preparation and accomplishment of DU Dance placing in the top 3 at the Intervarsities competition

In a triumphant display of skill and artistry, DUDance proudly showcased its talent by sending four teams to the highly anticipated intervarsity competition hosted by Dublin City University (DCU) at the Helix Theatre in late February. The event, with participation


Rory Stewart weaves a message of sincere optimism in a bleak political world

Former Conservative minister brings charm and practical idealism to the Hist on a snowy March day

Arriving 35 minutes late to a packed GMB to a warm round of applause, former Conservative minister and current popular podcaster Rory Stewart was quick to apologise for his tardiness. The College Historical Society (the Hist) auditor Áine Kennedy bestowed


What’s blooming with the Botanical Society?

Honey Morris discusses the benefits of joining the Botanical Society and shares their insight on plants and events

What society takes you on a plant shop crawl around the city, hosts chill matcha hours, and plants daffodils? If you guessed the Botanical Society, you would be correct!

Trinity College’s Botanical Society revolves around all things botany related, so


Down to clown?

Sofia Rooney talks to Trinity Juggling and Circus Society about the fascinating world of the circus

When you think about Trinity College, the word circus might not immediately come to mind. In fact, the world of the circus may be unfamiliar to most. My knowledge of the circus goes as far as seeing the big red


Did someone say family?

Aditi Pradeep shares her experience of finding a second home with Trinity Indian Society

I hope Vin Diesel’s face popped in your head after reading the title, and if that isn’t a hook for an article, what is? Now, setting aside my fear of sounding cliché, I truly feel like I’ve found my “home


8 March 2024: a day of double entendre for Ireland

Emma Rouine talks to TWIL events officer Isobel Houlihan on the upcoming referendum and what it means for Irish people

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8. However, this year is different for Ireland. On this day, Irish people will also be asked to vote in two referendums. These proposed amendments provide a broader meaning to the


What like it’s hard?

TCD Hist wins in a fierce debate against Harvard in: “This house believes capitalism is incompatible with solving climate change”

On Wednesday February 21st, at 7:30 pm, Trinity College Dublin Historical Society sat down with Harvard University to debate the ever-growing problem of climate change. Officially the debate argued: “This house believes capitalism is incompatible with solving climate change.”