Students For Vaccine Equity hold assembly at Front Square this evening

TCDSU endorsed the “moment of solidarity and silence for vaccine equity”

Students For Vaccine Equity organised an assembly at Front Square this evening at 5pm.

On social media, the student campaign group encouraged students to join them for a “moment of solidarity and silence for vaccine equity, because no one is safe until everyone is safe”.

The post was titled “Let’s #EndThePandemicTogether”. 

The group also asked attendees to wear appropriate face masks and maintain social distancing.

The post was shared by Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU).

Speaking to Trinity News, TCDSU Communications Officer Aoife Cronin said: “TCDSU will be supporting today’s moment of global solidarity and silence for vaccine equity.”

Cronin added: “Throughout the pandemic, vaccines have been disproportionately supplied to and hoarded by the Global North. We need equal access to vaccines for all.”

“This universal vaccine access is crucial to ending the Covid-19 pandemic”, she concluded.

Students For Vaccine Equity supports People’s Vaccine Alliance Ireland, which has called on Government to “take a stand for fairness, equality and global health”.

The Alliance is demanding the Irish government to suspend intellectual property rights at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) for COVID-19 vaccines, treatments and diagnostics, and to endorse the World Health Organisation (WHO) COVID Technology Access Pool (C-TAP).

While 67.9% of people in high income countries are vaccinated with at least one dose, 11.5% of populations in low income countries are vaccinated against Covid-19, according to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Bella Salerno

Bella Salerno is currently a Deputy News Editor of Trinity News. She is a Senior Fresh Middle Eastern, Jewish and Islamic Civilisations and French student.