TCDSU issues statement on College cutting ties with the GSU

“Postgraduates deserve financial transparency in how their capitation is allocated and spent.”

Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) today released a statement on the College’s decision to suspend funding for the Graduate Students’ Union (GSU).

In it, they said: “The TCD Dean of Graduate Studies has emailed the Postgraduate community to communicate the decision to suspend funding of the Graduate Student’s Union (GSU).”

“This decision was made by the Capitations Committee, as the GSU has not complied with the mandated report of their finances and concerns with the constitutionality and transparency of EGMs and Elections.”

They underlined the college’s concerns, stating: “The last time the GSU has submitted audited financial statements to the Capitations Committee for the year ended August 31, 2020.”

TCDSU outlined their willingness to represent postgraduate students, referencing a mandate from September 22, 2022, to nominate postgraduate students to attend College committees at the invitation of the committee chair.

TCDSU announced a Postgraduate Town Hall in order to engage in “direct consultation” with Postgraduates, also stating that they will facilitate postgraduate students in the interim period: “TCDSU will facilitate Postgraduate Students in the interim period – but the decisions regarding the future of Postgraduate representation are in the hands of the Postgraduates themselves”.

“We believe that Postgraduate Students deserve representation – at school level, at Board level, and in all other committees in College where decisions regarding Postgraduates are made – you also deserve financial transparency in how your capitation is allocated and spent.”

This comes after the College announced that it would cut ties with the GSU. It was also announced on Tuesday that TCDSU would not engage with the GSU in light of allegations  of inappropriate behavior against the GSU President.