Professor Roja Fazaeli finishes her time as Trinity Hall Warden

Professor Fazaeli will start a new post at the University of Galway after 15 years of working for College

Roja Fazaeli, Professor in Islamic Civilisation, Near & Middle Eastern Studies, has finished her time as the Warden of Trinity Halls, after 5 years in the role. She was appointed to the role in 2017 to replace Professor Brendan Tangney.

Following her departure, Professor Fazaeli will take up the post of Established Professor of Law and Islamic Studies at the Irish Centre for Human Rights in the School of Law at the University of Galway.

In her role as Warden of Trinity Halls, Professor Fazaeli was the Provost’s representative at Halls, responsible for dealing with disciplinary issues, and allocating students rooms at Halls. During this time, she worked alongside a team of assistant wardens to ensure that the students residing at Halls were supported as they pursued their studies.

On Fazaeli’s departure, Vice-Provost Orla Sheils said: “As an award-winning scholar, a vocal activist, and indeed as a dedicated Warden at Trinity Halls, Roja Fazaeli’s contribution to Trinity over the years has been nothing less than exceptional”.

“This was particularly noteworthy during the pandemic when she worked endlessly to ensure students were taken care of and supported”, Sheils added.

In June 2022, Professor Fazaeli secured a €2 million European Research Council grant to explore the issue of Muslim women obtaining access to justice in Europe. She will go on to lead the research under this grant during her time at the University of Galway.

Fazaeli previously served as an Assistant Professor at Trinity College Dublin from 2008 until 2019, when she became an Associate Professor in the Department of Near and Middle Eastern Studies. In February 2023, she was appointed Professor in Islamic Civilisations. She has published academic work on the topics of Islamic feminism, Islam and gender, and human rights.

As well as this, in her time at Trinity College, Professor Fazaeli has been involved with the University of Sanctuary Initiative, a scheme that aims to foster a culture of welcome and inclusion for all in third-level education institutions. 

“We offer her our warmest congratulations in her exciting new role in the University of Galway,” Sheils said, “She will be greatly missed by staff and students alike.”

Conor Healy

Conor Healy is the Deputy News Editor of Trinity News and is currently in his Senior Freshman Year studying Law and Political Science