€365,000 awarded to Trinity researchers to develop an AI-driven integrity platform

The platform will seek to address issues in multinational organisations relating to ethics and compliance

Trinity Business School’s IntegrityIQ has been awarded €365,000 to allow researchers to create an AI driven platform to address multinational organisations failures in ethics and compliance over the next 18 months.

“This product fills a gap in the market. Many large multinational companies struggle with ethics and compliance training,” Malan said. 

“We offer an affordable, customised, personalised product at scale. Essentially each employee in a company, no matter what the size of that company, will receive a personalised ethics training programme,” he said.

“We expect to work directly with at least seven industry partners during the development and piloting of the software.”

The project was conceptualised by Dr. Daniel Malan director of the Trinity Corporate Governance Lab at Trinity Business School.

IntegrityIQ, a spin off from Trinity Business School, is supported by the The Learnovate Centre which seeks to “support and enable organisations to unlock the transformative power of learning using applied research, innovative practices and cutting-edge technology.

The funding was awarded by Enterprise Ireland’s Commercialisation Fund.

Divisional Manager for Research & Innovation at Enterprise Ireland Marina Donohoe said that “Enterprise Ireland’s Commercialisation Fund provides financial and strategic supports to enable venture scientists and researchers in the academic ecosystem to evolve their research into commercially viable products that are investor ready.”

Alongside support from the Learnovate Centre, the next 18 months will see IntegrityIQ provide an immersive and confidential environment where employees can create an avatar and enter a simulation where they will be faced with a series of ethical dilemmas. 

It will also allow employees to discuss corporate culture, integrity risks and facilitate processes for whistleblowers in these multinational organisations.

“Two of Learnovate’s biggest areas of research expertise in the learning space are personalised learning and immersive learning methodologies. IntegrityIQ has both of those,” said Tom Pollock, Commercial Development Manager at Learnovate.

He concluded by saying “It’s also an incredibly timely project. Every day in the news you hear how unethical behaviour has a negative impact on organisations, and this is a chance to really make a difference in that space.”

This project comes in the wake of 16 Wall Street firms being fined a total of $1.8 billion USD in 2022 due to inappropriate staff behaviour.

Aoibhinn Clancy

Aoibhínn Clancy is the Deputy News Editor of Trinity News and is currently in her Junior Sophister Year studying History and Political Science.