Namaste? More like Namaslay

Tara ní Bhroin takes a unique approach in overcoming beginners’ fear to join DU Yoga Soc and all of their amateur friendly activities

In…. and out. 

In… and out.

Now, on the next breath in you are going to reach up as far as you can and stretch your fingertips to the sky.

And in… with this next exhale we are going to reach all the way down and place our palms on the ground. 

And… out.

Except there is a library desk in your way,  you have a captive audience on Ussher level three witnessing your attempt at a quick study break yoga stretch, and nevermind palms on the ground, it hurts to even reach as far as your knees. 

Yoga. The life-changing exercise we all hear about, and in our hearts we know we should give it a try”

However, it can be hard to find your zen zone amongst the constant campus construction, and any extra time you may have in your schedule is dedicated to making it from your class in Goldsmith Hall to your class in the Arts Building on time. Not to mention that trying out a new sport can be quite daunting, especially one that requires body contortion and actual muscle use. In hopes of achieving some enlightenment on achieving the perfect downward dog, I spoke to Trinity’s very own version of Yoga with Adrienne – Ciara, the chairperson of DU Yoga Soc.

Much to my admiration and in a reassuring discovery, Ciara is somewhat new to the yoga lifestyle herself, only becoming involved in the society and regular practice at the start of the last academic year. Her quick rise to yogi stardom as chairperson, merely one year after joining the club is testament to the enjoyment and benefits that yoga adds to one’s life. Dealing with the repercussions of making the decision to become a Physics student, Ciara was seeking a way to destress, decompress, and escape from equations following long hours of continuous class, and for this she turned to yoga. With a variety of classes available at different times during the day, fitting the practice into class breaks can be easier than one would think. Ciara explained: how she gravitated towards evening classes, during which she could avail of “a relaxing end to the day”, which reset any negative feelings and allowed her to find peace and calm despite hectic days. 

“For those who are apprehensive about attending a class due to non-existent flexibility skills and total beginner status, fear not for you are not alone”

 DU Yoga Soc caters to all levels of experience, ranging from total newbies to more experienced yogis and those who want to get their sweat on. Classes are run by certified yoga teachers, many of whom have over ten years experience in the practice. The advantage of having qualified instructors is displayed in the one-on-one help that is provided during the classes. This is comforting to know that you cannot embarrass yourself for too long before the instructor comes and guides you to the correct pose, thus resulting in yoga domination. 

Along with classes on offer for all experience levels, DU Yoga Soc also runs different types of yoga classes. Whether Yin yoga is your love, or if Vinyasa yoga holds the answers to your questions, you can explore an array of yoga styles to suit whatever mood you are in. In even more good news, trying out yoga with DU Yoga Soc does not mean you have to splash the cash on supplies. The cost of the classes includes the provision of yoga mats, blocks, and bands free for everyone to use to their heart’s desire. The student society even facilitates the lack of dedication that us college students tend to have. For those of us who are unable and unwilling to commit to regular classes and use this as an excuse to avoid trying out yoga, our argument is now null. The classes are run as individual sessions, which means you can sign up for as many (or as few) as you so wish. If you can only find it within yourself to participate in one class a month, you can do this without suffering the cost of everyone else progressing and improving while you are still at square one (or zero).

So brush your hair into a ponytail, skip that class that’s all the way in the Hamilton Building, and get your stretch on. Our newest favourite society is back in business and welcoming everyone to take part in their organised body contortion sessions.  Downward dog your way out of class, warrior pose your way past the construction vehicles, and stretch yourself into the Atrium Building where the yoga classes usually take place. With many exciting collaborations on the agenda with other societies, I think it’s time we, as a student body, take a collective and meaningful inhale, and exhale ourselves towards inner peace in the form of a DU Yoga Soc class. 

Tara Ní Bhroin

Is í Tara ní Bhroin Eagarthóir Gaeilge Nuacht na Trionoide. Tá sí sa tríú bhliain ag déanamh staidéar ar Altranas Leanaí agus Ginearálta/ Tara ní Bhroin is the Irish Editor for Trinity News. She is in her Junior Sophister year of earning a degree in General and Children’s Nursing