Over 70 Trinity academics join hundreds in call for Irish universities to sever ties with Israel

The letter, signed by over 600 academics, says: “Anything less at this point amounts to tacit support for crimes against humanity.”

The following letter, addressed to Irish newspapers, has been published in full on the Academics for Palestine website.

We write as academics and scholars in or from Ireland. The scale and severity of Israel’s current war on the Gaza Strip has exceeded all previous levels of violence in the prolonged and brutal Israeli occupation of Palestine. It is a campaign of ethnic cleansing and, according to many experts, genocidal violence. The incursion by Palestinian armed groups on 7th October included criminal attacks against civilians. But under no circumstances does international law permit the systematic bombardment and collective punishment of civilians in a besieged occupied territory.

The dehumanising language and tropes widely used by Israeli leaders in reference to Palestinians echo those typically associated with genocidal incitement and intent. In the past three weeks, Israel’s military acts have matched those words, killing more than 9,000 Palestinians inside Gaza, including some 3,760 children (more than the annual number of children killed in the rest of the world’s armed conflicts combined). Many more Palestinians are dying from the lack of fuel, water, electricity and medical supplies due to the deliberate blockade. Gaza’s hospitals are barely able to function – no power for ventilators, using vinegar as antiseptic, performing surgeries without anaesthetic – and continue to be hit by Israeli airstrikes. The situation is beyond inhumane.

Leading Jewish and Israeli scholars of Holocaust and genocide studies have called this ‘a textbook case of genocide’. Bosnian genocide experts have likewise stated that “what is happening in Gaza is genocide”. After the first week of Israel’s onslaught, a group of more than 800 international lawyers and genocide scholars were “compelled to sound the alarm about the possibility of genocide being perpetrated by Israeli forces”, while UN human rights special rapporteurs warned of “the risk of genocide against the Palestinian people”, calling on all states and international organisations to fulfil their duties to prevent genocide. The killing and destruction has only escalated since then. More than 60 UN member states have now used the language of genocide to describe Israel’s attacks on Gaza’s population. This week, the South African foreign minister referenced the Rwandan genocide and “reminded the international community not to stand idle while another genocide is unfolding”.

With the atrocities in Gaza now added to Israel’s 75 years of colonisation and occupation of Palestinian lands, there should be nothing remotely approximate to “business as usual” continuing. Many Irish universities and EU-funded research projects have active collaborations with Israeli universities. Israeli universities are, in the words of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, “major, willing and persistent accomplices in Israel’s regime of occupation” and its military infrastructures. Meanwhile, several Palestinian universities in Gaza have been destroyed by the Israeli airstrikes, with some 70 academics and 2,000 students among the civilians killed.

We call on all universities in Ireland to immediately sever any existing institutional partnerships or affiliations with Israeli institutions. Those ties should be suspended until the occupation of Palestinian territory is ended, the Palestinian rights to equality and self-determination are vindicated, and the right of Palestinian refugees to return is facilitated. Anything less at this point amounts to tacit support for crimes against humanity.

– Yours etc,

A.J. Pruitt, Trinity College Dublin

  1. M. O’Neill, Trinity College Dublin

Aayush Singha Roy (UCD)

Abdulbaset Alazhare – Trinity College Dublin

Abdullahi Abdurrahman

Ahsan Awais

Aidan Murphy

Ailbhe Smyth, UCD (Retired)

Aileen Kelly – University of Galway

Aisling Walsh, University of Galway

Alice Feldman, University College Dublin

Alice Harrison BL, School of Law and Criminology, Maynooth University

Alok Debnath, Trinity College Dublin

Alyssa Chua, Maynooth University

Amanie Issa

Amira Sabir – Queens University Belfast

Amy O’Riordan MA, SETU

Anastasiia Zubareva, University of Limerick

Andrew Breen, Trinity College Dublin

Andrew Finlay

Anne Ralph, Munster Technological University

Antoinette Rourke, Dundalk Institute of Technology

Antonis Prosilis, University College of Cork

Aoife Balfe Bean Uí Dhíomsaigh, IADT

Aoife Dare, PhD Candidate, University College Cork

Aoife Herrity IADT

Aoife Kavanagh, Trinity College Dublin

Aonghus Hunter-McCabe, Maynooth University

Asfand Bakht Yar

Atiya Usmani

Audrey Halpin, Dublin City University

Aydin Anil Mucek, University College Dublin

Ayse Ozcan Atar- University College Cork

Azza Warraitch

Bana Abu Zuluf, PhD researcher Maynooth University

Barbara Alam

Barbara Knežević

Barry Finnegan, Griffith College

Beatrice Canossi – University of Galway

Bennett Burke – Maynooth University, University of Texas

Brídín Ní Fhearraigh-Joyce

Britta Thiemt, TCD

  1. T. Power – University College Dublin

Cai Pengpeng TCD

Callum Craig TCD

Cara levey, UCC

Caroline Lund, PhD Candidate, Trinity College Dublin

Caroline Marion, Trinity College Dublin

Cathal Burke O’Leary, DCU

Caylum O’Neill

Cebsile Mhlanga-Mamba Dublin

Chris O’Ralaigh, TU Dublin.

Cian Luddy, Queen’s University Belfast

Cíara Dempsey, University College Dublin

Ciara Gavin, University College Cork

Ciara Mulcahy Linehan

Ciarán Devoy PhD candidate UCC

Ciarán Ó Briain

Ciaran Sugrue, Emeritus Full Prof, UCD

Ciara Walsh, University College Dublin

Claire McNamara, Trinity College Dublin

Clare Bell, TU Dublin

Clare Ní Cheallaigh, UCD

Claudia Peroni, Trinity College Dublin

Claus Derenda

Colin Harper

Colin Powers, Noria Research

Conchúr Ó Maonaigh, Maynooth University

Conor Maguire, Trinity College Dublin/Dublin City University

Conor McCarthy, Maynooth University

Conor Reddy – PhD Researcher Trinity Translational Medicine Institute, President PWO Ireland

Cormac Deane, Institute of Art, Design and Technology

Courtney Curran, University of Galway

Criostóir King, Maynooth University

Cristina Perea del Olmo – PhD Researcher, University College Dublin

Czara Casey, Trinity College Dublin

Dáire Mag Cuill, Ollscoil Teicneolaíochta Bhaile Átha Cliath

Damian Cox, TU Dublin.

Danielle Murphy, Trinity College Dublin

Dara Flanagan, Ulster University

David Comer, PhD researcher, University of Galway.

David Healy, University College Cork

David Knight, TUDublin

David O’Connor, Technological University Dublin

David Peyton – TU Dublin

Dearbhaile Casey, PhD candidate

Declan McDonald, Queen’s University Belfast

Derek Laffan Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology

Dervla Potter, DCU

Diarmuid O Brien, retired from Ballyfermot College of Further Education

Diogo Ferreira – Trinity College Dublin

Dorothy Morrissey, Alumna UCD

Douglas Carson, University College Dublin

Dr Aaron Mac Raighne

Dr Abid Yaqoob

Dr Adam Kelly, University College Dublin

Dr Adrian Howlett

Dr Adrian Scahill, Maynooth University

Dr Aidan Kenny

Dr Aileen Kennedy, Technological University Dublin

Dr Aileen O’Carroll, Maynooth University

Dr Áine Clancy, University of Liverpool

Dr Aisling Costello, Technological University Dublin

Dr Aisling O’Beirn

Dr Alan Greene, Reader in Constitutional Law and Human Rights, Birmingham Law School

Dr Alanna O’Malley

Dr Alice Panepinto, Queen’s University Belfast

Dr Amanda Feery, University of Galway

Dr Amanda Kramer, School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast

Dr Amina Adanan, Maynooth University

Dr Ana Ivasiuc, Maynooth University

Dr Andrew Darley

Dr Andrew Forde, Visiting Fellow, Irish Centre for Human Rights

Dr Andrew Gibson

Dr Aneta Stępień

Dr Angela Flynn, UCC

Dr Angelos Bollas, Dublin City University

Dr Anita Ferrara

Dr Anne Mulhall, School of English, Drama & Film, UCD

Dr Anne Neylon, University of Liverpool

Dr Ann-Marie Hanlon

Dr Aoife O’Leary McNeice, University of Exeter

Dr Arpita Chakraborty

Dr Audrey Bryan, Dublin City University

Dr Barbara O’Toole, Marino Institute of Education

Dr Barraí Hennebry, Dept. of Lifelong Learning, Technological University of the Shannon

Dr Barry Cannon, Maynooth University

Dr Bashir Otukoya, PhD – Griffith College Dublin

Dr Bernie Grummell

Dr Brendan Ciarán Browne, TCD

Dr Brian Hanley, Trinity College Dublin

Dr Brian Kelly

Dr Brid Ni Chonaill

Dr Bronagh Catibusic, Trinity College Dublin

Dr Camilla Fitzsimons – Maynooth University

Dr Carmel Brennan

Dr Carol Ballantine, UCD

Dr Caroline Ann O’Sullivan TU Dublin

Dr Catherine Ann Cullen, UCD

Dr Catherine Baker, Dublin City University

Dr Catherine Conlon

Dr Catherine Palmer Munster Institute of Technology

Dr Catherine Swift, Mary Immaculate College

Dr Chandana Mathur, Maynooth University

Dr Charles O’Mahony

Dr Charles O’Sullivan

Dr Charlie Kerrigan Trinity College, Dublin

Dr Christa de Brùn, Lecturer in English Literature, SETU Waterford

Dr Christopher Loughnane, University of Galway

Dr Cian Ó Concubhair, Maynooth University School of Law & Criminology

Dr Cian O’Callaghan, Trinity College Dublin

Dr Cian Reid

Dr Ciara Bracken-Roche, School of Law and Criminology, Maynooth University

Dr Ciara Breathnach, UL

Dr Ciara Gorman, MU

Dr Ciara L. Murphy, TU Dublin

Dr Ciarán Treacy – UCD

Dr Claire Raissian UCC

Dr Clare Patton, School of Law, University of Leeds

Dr Clare Scully, TU Dublin

Dr Clare Tebbutt, Trinity College Dublin

Dr Claudia Dellacasa, University College Dublin

Dr Clíona Hensey

Dr Cóilín Parsons, Georgetown University

Dr Colette Murray

Dr Colin Breen, Ulster University

Dr Colm Walsh, QUB

Dr Connell Vaughan, TU Dublin

Dr Conor Buggy, University College Dublin

Dr Conor Caldwell (University of Limerick)

Dr Conor Crummey

Dr Daniel Joseph Ringis – Trinity College Dublin

Dr Danielle Gallagher, TCD

Dr David Hughes, University College Dublin

Dr David Keane, DCU

Dr David Kennedy, Dublin City University

Dr David Landy, Trinity College Dublin

Dr David Mitchell, Trinity College Dublin at Belfast

Dr David Ralph, TCD

Dr Deirdre Byrne ATU, Sligo.

Dr Deirdre Flynn

Dr Deirdre Kelly, Language Studies–Spanish, TU Dublin

Dr Des McGuinness (Retired). Dublin City University

Dr Detta Dickinson

Dr Diego Montagner, Maynooth University

Dr Dominic Hewson University of Limerick

Dr Donal Coffey, Maynooth University

Dr Dónal Hassett, University College Cork

Dr Dónal Holland, UCD

Dr Donna Rodgers-Lee, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

Dr Dyuti Chakravarty, University College Cork

Dr Éadaoin Butler

Dr Eamonn Crudden : Dundalk Institute of Technology

Dr Edel Hughes, Irish Centre for Human Rights, School of Law, University of Galway

Dr Edward Brennan, TU Dublin

Dr Edward Molloy (formerly UCC)

Dr Egle Gusciute, University College Dublin

Dr Éidín Ní Shé, RCSI

Dr Eileen Culloty, DCU

Dr Eithne O’Connell, retired DCU

Dr Elizabeth Boyle, Maynooth University

Dr Ellen Dillon (School of English, DCU)

Dr Ellen Howley, DCU

Dr Ellen Reynor DCU

Dr Elliot Murphy – Imperial College London

Dr Emer Purcell, National University of ireland

Dr Emma Campbell, Ulster University

Dr Emma Crowley, University of Bristol

Dr Emma Dolan, University of Limerick

Dr Emma Leacy, RCSI

Dr Eoghan Ross TCD, LJMU

Dr Eoin Daly, University of Galway

Dr Eoin Flaherty, Maynooth University

Dr Eoin Flannery, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick

Dr Erika Jiménez, Queens University Belfast

Dr Estelle Murphy

Dr Fearghal Mac Bhloscaidh

Dr Fergal Finnegan. Maynooth University

Dr Fiadh Tubridy, Department of Geography, UCD

Dr Fintan Sheerin, Trinity College, Dublin.

Dr Fiona McDermott, Trinity College Dublin

Dr Fiona Murphy, Assistant Professor Refugee studies, Dublin City University

Dr Francis Anthony O’Neill Queen’s University Belfast

Dr Gary Hussey, UCD.

Dr Gearóid Ó Cuinn, Adjunct Lecturer, Irish Centre for Human Rights

Dr Gene Carolan, Lecturer in Law, TU Dublin

Dr Giampiero Tarantino, Trinity College Dublin, Department of Sociology

Dr Gillian Moore, Trinity College Dublin

Dr Harry Browne, TU Dublin

Dr Harun Šiljak, Trinity College Dublin

Dr Helen Maher

Dr Jack Sheehan, Trinity College Dublin

Dr James Beirne, Maynooth University

Dr James Reynolds, University College Dublin

Dr James Steinhoff

Dr Jerry O’Neill, Maynooth University

Dr Jessica Foley, IADT

Dr Joanne Cusack (Maynooth University)

Dr John Cunningham, Dept of History, University of Galway

Dr John P Gilmore, UCD

Dr John Reynolds, School of Law and Criminology, Maynooth University

Dr Joss Moorkens, Dublin City University

Dr Julie Harris Ulster University

Dr Jurgita Bukauskaite Irish Centre for Human Rights, University of Galway

Dr Justin Carville, IADT Dun Laoghaire

Dr Karen Slattery, Trinity College Dublin

Dr Karen Smith, UCD

Dr Karen Wade, UCD School of English, Drama and Film

Dr Karl Roe

Dr Kate Antosik-Parsons, Trinity College Dublin

Dr Katherine Fama, UCD

Dr Katherine Kanne, UCD

Dr Kathy Glavanis-Grantham, University College Cork (retired)

Dr Keefe Murphy (Maynooth University)

Dr Keith Peter Kiely

Dr Kenneth Murphy

Dr Kevin Farrell, TU Dublin

Dr Kevin Murphy TUDublin

Dr Kylie Jarrett, Maynooth University.

Dr Laura Madrigal – Estebas, St Patrick’s College Maynooth

Dr Laura Watson

Dr Liam Chambers, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick

Dr Liam Thornton, School of Law, University College Dublin

Dr Luca Crispi

Dr Lucas Olmedo, University College Cork

Dr Lucy Collins, University College Dublin

Dr Maeve Connolly, IADT

Dr Máire Braniff Ulster University

Dr Máire Ní Mhórdha

Dr Malachy Mathews

Dr Marcas Mac Coinnigh, Queen’s University Belfast

Dr Maria Lichrou, University of Limerick

Dr Maria Mulvany, University College Dublin

Dr Maria Parsons

Dr Marie Flynn, Dublin City University

Dr Mark Cullinane, School of Applied Social Studies, University College Cork

Dr Mark Curran IADT

Dr Mark Walsh, Maynooth University

Dr Martha Shearer, UCD

Dr Martin Marjoram, TU Dublin

Dr Mary Ann Bolger, TU Dublin

Dr Mary Farrelly, University College Dublin

Dr Mary McAuliffe, UCD

Dr Mary Rambaran-Olm, Public Historian

Dr Md Robiul Hossain

Dr Megan Coghlan, Maynooth University

Dr Megan Vine

Dr Meg Ryan, Trinity College Dublin

Dr Mercedes Carbayo Abengozar

Dr Miceal Canavan – Aarhus University

Dr Michael Carr

Dr Michael G Cronin Maynooth University

Dr Michael Kane, DBS

Dr Michael Pierse, Queen’s University Belfast

Dr Michelle Rouse, Ulster University

Dr Mike Murphy, UCC

Dr Molly Manning, University of Limerick

Dr Morgan Wait UCD

Dr Muhammad Ali Farooq

Dr Muhammad Gulzari

Dr Naoise Murphy, Maynooth University

Dr Naomi McAreavey, University College Dublin

Dr Nata Duvvury, University of Galway

Dr Natalie Culligan – Maynooth University

Dr Nerys Williams

Dr Niall Kennedy, Dept. of French, Trinity College Dublin

Dr Niall Whelehan, University of Strathclyde

Dr Niamh Cullen, Queen’s University Belfast

Dr Niamh Gaynor, Dublin City University

Dr Niamh McCrea South East Technological University

Dr Niamh McGuirk DCU

Dr Nicola Fox Hamilton, IADT

Dr Nigel Vahey

Dr Nisan ALICI Queen’s University Belfast

Dr Orla Kelleher, School of Law and Criminology, Maynooth University

Dr Pádraig Fhia Ó Mathúna

Dr Paola Rivetti, Dublin City University

Dr Patricia Kettle

Dr Patricia McManus

Dr Patrick Bresnihan, Maynooth University

Dr Patrick Brodie

Dr Patrick Collins, University of Galway

Dr Patrick Doyle, University of Limerick

Dr Patrick Walsh Trinity College Dublin

Dr Paula Gilligan, Senior Lecturer, IADT

Dr Paul Farrell, Technological University of Dublin

Dr Paul O’Connell, SOAS University of London

Dr Philip Finn

Dr Philip Lawton

Dr Qurrat Ul Ain

Dr Rachel A Kiersey (independent)

Dr Rachna Shanbog

Dr Rebecca Usherwood, Trinity College Dublin

Dr Rhiannon Bandiera, Maynooth University

Dr Ricardo Segurado, University College Dublin

Dr Richard Gallagher

Dr Ríona Nic Congáil, University College Dublin

Dr Rita Sakr, Maynooth University

Dr Róisín Ní Ghairbhí, Mary Immaculate College

Dr Rónán Kennedy, University of Galway

Dr Ronit Lentin, Trinity College Dublin (Emeritus)

Dr Rory Rowan, Trinity College Dublin

Dr Rosie Meade, UCC

Dr Ruth Daly, University of Leeds

Dr Sarah-Anne Buckley, Department of History, University of Galway

Dr Sarah Anne Dunne

Dr Sarah Brazil

Dr Sarah Comyn, University College Dublin

Dr Scott McKendry QUB

Dr Séagh Kehoe, University of Westminster

Dr Seamus Taylor, Head of Applied Social Studies, Maynooth University

Dr Sean Leatherbury, UCD

Dr Sebastiaan Bierema, University of Galway

Dr Shane O Rourke, MTU

Dr Shannon Chance, TU Dublin

Dr Sharae Deckard, University College Dublin

Dr Sheila Long

Dr Sheldon D’Silva

Dr Sheryl Lynch

Dr Shivaun Quinlivan, University of Galway

Dr Sindy Joyce, University of Limerick

Dr Sinead Conneely, SETU.

Dr Sinéad Kennedy, Maynooth University

Dr Sinéad Ring, School of Law and Criminology, Maynooth University.

Dr Sobia Bano

Dr Stephen Dunne, University of Edinburgh

Dr Stephen O’Neill, English, TCD

Dr Steve Coleman, Maynooth University

Dr Su Ming Khoo, University of Galway

Dr Tania Malik, TU Dublin

Dr Theresa O’Keefe, University College Cork

Dr Thomas Davis Donnelly

Dr Thomas Murray, AONTAS Head of Research

Dr Thomas Ross Griffin

Dr Thomas Waller

Dr Tim Groenland, School of English, Drama and Film, University College Dublin

Dr Tom Campbell, Department ofInternational Development, Maynooth University

Dr Tom O’Connor, Munster Technological University.

Dr Treasa De Loughry, University College Dublin

Dr Tupur Chatterjee, University College Dublin

Dr Walt Kilroy, Dublin City University

Dr Yağmur Hortoğlu, School of Law and Criminology, Maynooth University

Duduzile Unathi Ndlovu, University of Galway

Dylan Bailey, Maynooth University

Dylan Murphy, PhD Student

Eileen Mageean TU Dublin

Eimear Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh, University College Cork

Eimear Rice

Eimear Rosato

Elaine Bradley, Independent Researcher and Founder Member of Academics for Palestine

Elaine Edmonds

Elaine Feeney, University of Galway

Elizabeth O’Gorman, UCD PhD student

Emeritus Professor John Pinkerton, Queen’s University Belfast

Emer O’Brien

Emily Cunniffe, Trinity College Dublin

Emily Rick, University College Dublin

Emine Ay

Emma Taylor, Queen’s University Belfast

Emmet Donaghey – Ulster University

Fadila Alubeidi

Fazeel M.N.M.

Fiachra Coll, TU Dublin

Fiona McDonald, Design Fellow in Architecture, University College Dublin

Fionn Toland

Gaia Streparola

Garreth Smith

Garrett Deasy, Clifton School, Dalkey

Garrett Greene, UCD

Gavin Buggy TU Dublin

Gemma Louise Heenan TCD and UCC

Geraldine Doherty, Ulster University

Gerry Arthurs, Lecturer in International Relations, South East Technological University

Gerry Farrelly

Grainne McKenna. Dublin City University.

Gráinne Ní Nualláin, School of English, Drama and Film, UCD

Gráinne Ward TU Dublin

Hamza Tariq

Hannah O’Brennan, Maynooth University

Hannah Rooney, NCAD

Harriet Idle

Harry Dunne TCD

Ian Kilroy, TU Dublin

Ishani Atukoralalage, University College Dublin

Iulia Molnar, UCD

Jack McNicholl (UCD School of Maths & Stats)

Jacob Miller (University College Dublin)

Jaleed Khan, University of Galway

Jane Cassidy – University of Galway

Jane Tynan, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Jason Mc Guire UCC

Jason Michael McCann, DCU

Jean-Philippe Imbert (Dublin City University, Ireland)

Jennifer Stewart – TU Dublin

Jerry Bradley

Jim Roche, Senior Lecturer, TU Dublin

John Brady, University of Galway

John Matthews, University College Dublin

John P Healy

John Waddell, University of Galway

José Henríquez Leiva, University of Galway

Jovan Jeromela

Judy Walsh, University College Dublin

Julie Landers, NCAD

Karami Oloso

Kate Mac Sweeney, ICHR NUIG

Katherine Looby TUDublin

Katie Hanlan, NCAD

Katy Shi RCSI

Keelin Barry, University of Galway

Kelsey Campolong, Ulster University

Kevin Hearty, Lecturer in Criminology, Queen’s University Belfast

Kevin McParland, Department of Humanities, Dundalk Institute of Technology

Kirsten Larson – Irish Centre for Human Rights

Kristine O Dwyer

Laure Tymowski, PhD candidate, Maynooth University

Leah Downey, Trinity College Dublin

Liam Bradshaw

Liam McGlynn

Lisa Foran UCD

Louise Glynn MSc. Institute of Art Design and Technology, Dun Laoghaire

Maëlle Noir, Irish Centre for Human Rights, University of Galway

Maeve McGandy, University of Galway

Maia Purdue

Maria Geheran, TU Dublin

Maria Kenneally, TU Dublin Blanchardstown

Mariana Diniz – UL

Mariana Silva, TCD Environmental Engineering

Marion Bartl, University College Dublin

Marion Kiely UCC

Mark Anderson

Marnie Holborow Associate Faculty, Dubin City University

Martina Coombes TU Dublin

Martin McCabe, TU Dublin

Marty Gilroy, University College Dublin

Mary Hurley lecturer School of Applied Social Studies UCC

Mary Laheen, University College Dublin

Massilia Ait Ali Slimane, University of Limerick

Mathieu Bokestael, UCD

Matt Riemland, Dublin City University

Max Bradley, PhD Researcher, European University Institute

Meenakshi suku, Trinity college dublin

Mel Swords, Trinity College Dublin

Merlo Kelly, UCD

Mian Ibad, University of Galway

Michael Coleman, University College Dublin

Michael Haslam

Michael Hinds, PhD, DCU

Michelle Browne, National College of Art and Design

Míde Power, Trinity College Dublin

Milly Coghlan

Miriam Delaney, TUDublin

Miss Niamh Coffey, University of Strathclyde

M Masson, Ph.D – University College Dublin

Mr. Dara MacConville, Maynooth University

Mr. Dermot Dunne, TU Dublin

Mr. Eamonn Cooper Trinity College Dublin

Mr. John McGann TUDublin

Mr. Muhammad Mohsin

Mr. Paschal O’Connor – TUD

Mr C McAteer

Mr Daniel Bastús – Maynooth University

Mr Eddie Conlon TU Dublin

Mr Kyle Joshua Storey, TCD

Mr Ruairi Hayden

Mr Taylor Follett, University College Dublin

Ms Catherine Dawson, UCC

Ms Jennifer Cooney-Quane, UCC

Ms Shirley Donegan TU Dublin

Muhammad Huseen Khan- Technological University Dublin

Muhammad irfan

Muireann Ranta South East Technological University

Natalie Coleman, National College of Art and Design

Nathalie Cazaux, TU Dublin

Neal Halforty, Queens University Belfast

Neasa O’Donnell, University of Galway

Neill Wylie

Niall Sheil, PhD Student.

Niamh Burke, University College Dublin

Niamh Duggan

Niamh Keady-Tabbal, University of Galway

Niamh Ní Bhriain Transnational Institute

Niamh Rooney

Nicole Maiorano, Trinity College Dublin

Nikolaos Manaras-Maynooth University PhD Candidate

Noor Kherreh

Norah Campbell, PhD. Trinity College Dublin

Nouran Naged, University College Dublin

Obele Akinniranye

Odin O’Sullivan, University College Dublin

Odran Reid TU Dublin

Ogbugo Ukaha

Olivia Golden

Olivia Mohan, Trinity college Dublin

Pamina Contreras Kallens, University of Galway

Paola R. Peña – University College Dublin / ADAPT Centre

Parisa Zangeneh

Pat Hannon

Patricia Farrell

Paul Fogarty TU Dublin

Paul Frewen University College Cork

Paul Markey, Hume Scholar, Maynooth University

Paul Michael Garrett, PhD. D.Litt, MRIA

Pearce Magee Queen’s University Belfast

Pepe Sánchez-Molero, Dublin City University

Peter Farrell, MSc, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research for

Peter Maybury, TU Dublin

Peter Phelan, University of Galway

Peter Tansey

Philip Collins – Phd Student, University of Galway

Phil Maguire – PhD candidate, University College Cork Department of Music

Pooja Sastry, University College Dublin

Precious Fregene, Dublin Business School

Priyanka Borpujari, Dublin City University

Professor Alison Forrestal, MRIA

Professor Aoife Daly, University College Cork

Professor Aoife O’Donoghue, Queen’s University Belfast

Professor Benjamin Dwyer, Middlesex University

Professor Cahal McLaughlin, Queen’s University Belfast

Professor Conchúr Ó Giollagáin, University of the Highlands and Islands

Professor David Storey, University of Worcester

Professor Derek Doherty, Trinity College Dublin

Professor Dominic Bryan, Queen’s University Belfast

Professor Emer Nolan, Maynooth University

Professor Eugenia Siapera, University College Dublin

Professor Gavan Titley Maynooth University

Professor Gerry Kearns, Maynooth University

Professor Helena Sheehan, Dublin City University

Professor Illan Wall (University of Warwick)

Professor Jane Grogan, UCD

Professor John Barry, Queen’s University Belfast

Professor John Fox, University of Magee.

Professor Karen Till, Maynooth University Department of Geography

Professor Kathleen Lynch, University College Dublin

Professor Laura McAtackney, Radical Humanities Laboratory & Archaeology, University College Cork

Professor Laurence Cox, Maynooth University

Professor Lionel Pilkington, University of Galway

Professor Mairead Enright, University of Birmingham

Professor Mark Boyle, Maynooth University

Professor Mark Cassidy, IADT

Professor Mary Gilmartin, Maynooth University

Professor Mathias Urban, Dublin City University

Professor Michelle Farrell, School of Law and Social Justice, University of Liverpool

Professor Nicholas Daly, University College Dublin

Professor Pablo Gracia, Trinity College Dublin

Professor Pádraig Carmody, Trinity College Dublin

Professor Padraig McAuliffe, University of Liverpool

Professor Ronaldo Munck, DCU

Professor Siobhán Wills, Director of the Transitional Justice Institute, Ulster University

Professor Stewart Smyth, University College Cork

Qatada Damra, PhD student, University of Limerick

Rachel Bayer, University College Dublin

Rachel McCarthy, IICP

Rafael Mendes – Trinity College Dublin

Rameen Fatima, Trinity College Dublin

Rania Muhareb, PhD Researcher, Irish Centre for Human Rights, School of Law, University of Galway

Rebecca O’Keeffe, Trinity College Dublin

Rebecca Vining, Maynooth University

Robert Brennan – University of York, UK

Robert Hickey TU Dublin

Robin Steve, UCD

Rodolfo Pezzi, Trinity College Dublin

Róisín Boyd Journalism Lecturer TU Dublin

Romeo Fraccari, UCD

Rory Bradley, IaDT

Rory Burke, University College Dublin

Rory O’Sullivan, PhD Researcher at Trinity College Dublin

Roxanne Paul, PhD student, Applied Social Studies, Maynooth University

Sadbh Kellett, PhD Candidate, University of St. Andrews

Sajjad Ahmad

Salam Jabbour, Trinity College Dublin

Sallar Khan

Samuel Scanlon, UCD

Saoirse Ward, Maynooth University

Sara Carta

Sara O’Rourke, PhD researcher, Dept. of Anthropology, Maynooth University

Séamus O’Kane. University of Granada, Spain.

Seán Finnan, TU Dublin

Seán Kennedy, Maynooth University

Seoidín O’Sullivan, National College of Art and Design Dublin

SG, TU Dublin

Shaakya Anand-Vembar, PhD Researcher, TCD

Shannon Kalsi, RCSI

Shauna Donohoe, PhD Researcher, Trinity College Dublin

Shauna O’Brien, University of Galway

Sheila Coyle

Sian Cowman, Maynooth University

Siobhan Gallagher, Lecturer, IADT

Stephanie Costello TU DUBLIN

Steph Hanlon, Carlow College St. Patricks

Tara Ciric, PhD researcher, Maynooth University

Tara Ní Néill

Tennen B D Tehoungue (Dublin City University)

Thinley Chodon; University College Dublin

Tom Hedley TCD

Tom Moylan, Professor Emeritus, University of Limerick

Tommy Gavin, PhD Candidate, Trinity College Dublin

Tom O’Connor, TU Dublin, retired

Tom O’Dea National College of Art and Design

Tonya Pell, PMASI at University of Ireland

Tony Carroll, (ex) TU Dublin

Tooba Akhtar, PhD Researcher

Urooj Tariq Trinity College Dublin

Ursula Connolly

Victoria Sánchez Muñoz, University of Galway

Wendy Shaw, Technological University of Dublin

Yvonne Kiely, PhD researcher, DCU

Zahraa Abdulhussein, University of Limerick

Zoë Lawlor University of Limerick

Zunaira Waqas