Trinity Views: Sober October

The challenges and rewards of going off alcohol, and what it means to those who’ve done it

This week Trinity Views discusses Sober October, and specifically how tough it can be to go sober in college. We interview TCD Students’ Union President Laura Beston and Ents Officer Judith Robinson to get their perspective on taking a break


Trinity Views: OnlyFans

A source of beer money for students, or a lens through which to examine our biases about sex work?

This week, Trinity Views looks at OnlyFans – an online platform mostly used for publishing sexually explicit content to paying subscribers, and a source of income for many students in Ireland. It has become significantly more prominent in recent months, …


Trinity alumnus appointed as CEO of American Institute of Physics

Michael H Moloney, who received his doctorate in experimental physics from Trinity College, has previously worked for both the Irish Government and the Space studies board.

The American Institute of Physics (AIP) has announced the appointment of Trinity College alumnus Michael H Moloney as is its new CEO.

Founded in 1931, the not-for-profit organisation consists of ten societies which collectively represent more than 120,000 scientists, educators, …


New HEA study shows majority of nursing graduates stay in Ireland

The HEA released a fact sheet, detailing various facts about nursing and midwifery in Ireland

Recent findings by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) states that 96% of Irish nursing graduates are employed in Ireland nine months after graduating. The HEA released a fact sheet, detailing various facts about nursing and midwifery in Ireland.

The HEA …


The Dark Web

What happens on side of the internet hidden from immediate view? Hugh McInerney investigates.

Researchers believe that only 4% of the information on the internet is represented on Google’s index of roughly 35 trillion webpages. This means that there are over 700 trillion webpages that are inaccessible through the world’s most popular search engine. …