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Careers in the Arts: Katy Hessel and the Great Women Artists podcast

Art historian and curator Katy Hessel on her podcast, the trail-blazing artists of today and the hidden names missing from the art history canon.

London born and raised Katy Hessel, took every opportunity she could to visit a gallery during her school lunchtimes. An art exhibition that had a profound impact on her as a child was Louise’s Bourgeois’s installation ‘I Do, I Undo,

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Careers in the arts: Karen O’Mahony on creating Rag Order Dublin

Jane Loughman chats with Karen O’Mahony about her designing business and the need for conscious consumerism

“Like everyone else, I’m feeling it,” Karen O’Mahony tells me when I ask about how the pandemic is currently affecting her business, Rag Order Dublin (@ragorderdublin on Depop and Instagram). “However, all this time off has given me the opportunity

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Creatives in Trinity: Exploring the intricacies of Róisín Ní Haicéid’s life

Jane Loughman speaks to the second-year student, artist, and activist

Róisín Ní Haicéid walks into KC Peaches, walking stick in hand, a beaming smile upon her face. We greet, hug, and order oat milk coffee and lemon cake before diving into everything from music and her band Banríon, to activism

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Your Hallo-week sorted: The best of Dublin’s spooky offerings

Magical cocktails, a Gotham-inspired night out and séances: here are your Halloween plans

Another year, another Halloween night spent in gorging on sweets that were meant for trick or treaters and tapping through Snapchat stories of peers donning devil or clown costumes with spooky contact lenses. Or perhaps, that doesn’t have to be

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How The Film Scene is fostering the next generation of Irish filmmakers

Jane Loughman speaks to Ní Shiordáin about the steps The Film Scene is taking to benefit fellow student filmmakers

Third year English and Film student Hannah Kate Ní Shiordáin sources the inspiration to create The Film Scene, a monthly student-run forum for student filmmakers in Dublin, in both her experience in composing music for films and her active participation