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Through the looking glass

Molly Robinson frames the currently trending scene of Irish stained glass art

Ireland’s stained-glass windows are enjoying renewed appreciation in this wintry gloom. With a string of recent acquisitions and exhibitions in heritage institutions nationwide, interest in stained glass is alive and well.

Where did this begin? The National Gallery of Ireland

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Rock and roll with lipstick on

Kasia Holowka reviews the David Bowie Festival Dance to the Underground night event at Fibber Magees

Let’s dance. The David Bowie Festival returned to Dublin for a ninth year, this time celebrating the 50th anniversary of Bowie’s album Diamond Dogs. The February 7-11 programme was stacked with various special events celebrating the legacy of the

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100 years in Ronda

Ronda provides the perfect escape from the city to a quiet town rich with history

Cheap drinks. Coastal party towns. Crazy party islands. The perfect destination for a lad’s holiday. Spain has a reputation and Ryanair will fly you right into its biggest party hubs. But what if you’re craving a chill Spanish holiday absolved

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The Arts in a Changing World

What we need from the arts in the modern era with Icarus editor Eloise Rodger

When the pandemic struck in 2020, worldwide panic and confusion ensued. Entire human systems ground to a halt as bans were placed on travel, work and face-to-face interaction. International health organisations issued pamphlets and instructions intended to curb the spread …

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Metaphors in Motion at Trinity Fashion Show 24

Trinity Fashion Society’s show last Friday, ‘Primavera: Changing of the seasons’ captured the personal growth inherent to College life

Spring is on the horizon; change is on the way. Soon, we will be able to shrug off our cosy jumpers and flaunt some skin. Trinity’s Fashion Society took this season of change as thematic inspiration for this year’s annual

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The girls who dream: Students entering film industry

Ciana Meyers interviews Trinity student and filmmaker Lena Streitwieser on the realities of studying film at Trinity and female leadership within the industry

A second year Trinity film student in the Dual BA programme with Columbia University, Lena Streitwieser is a name now circulating throughout international film festivals. Having lived in the cities of Chicago, Berlin and Washington D.C., her background speaks to

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The band of the hour: Binmen

Diana Stokes reviews Binmen’s recent performance at Sin é

There’s no easy way to introduce the band that is Binmen. They’re a unique powerhouse consisting of four members, two of whom are recent Trinity graduates! With Ryan McDonald on vocals, Tadhg Byrne on bass, Seb Wong-Cotter on drums, and

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How to spend a semester at Saltburn

Jayna Rohslau interprets wholesome holiday classic Saltburn as a guide to making the most of this semester

The New Year’s resolution doesn’t have to be boring. We all know you won’t start working out or develop a new personality. I know I won’t. That’s why in 2024 I have resolved to steal someone else’s personality instead. My