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The 8th: a masterful and poignant glimpse into the Irish abortion crisis

Oona Kauppi reviews Ireland’s documented campaign to remove the Eighth Amendment

In today’s world, 24 out of 195 countries prohibit abortion. Prohibited there, too, are abortions carried out to save a woman’s life. An additional 42 countries, including Brazil and Mexico, allow abortion if the circumstances are life-threatening. These are facts. …

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Deconstructed vintage garments turned display of Irish heritage

Elena Mc Crory talks to Designer and Director Faye Rochford about her authentic Irish brand, FéRí designs

“FéRí is a vibrant and imaginative brand, born out of creativity and nostalgia, designed to bring joy to the wearer.” This is how director and designer Faye Rochford describes her independent label. The FéRí brand is driven by its deconstruction

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Political activism in DIY fashion

Taryn DeVere uses fashion as a tool for activism, writes Caroline Ebbs

The expression “you vote with your money” has never been more relevant than it is today. With increasing awareness of the benefits of shopping sustainably, fast-fashion businesses that benefit from unethical labour are trying to mask their environmental wrongdoings by

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Gaeilge at the Gallery

Seirce Mhac Conghail discusses Íomhánna na nGael, one of the first all-Irish language events at the National Gallery

Íomhánna na nGael, one of the first all-Irish language events at the National Gallery, was a virtual presentation that showcased works of Irish life. Presented by Caomhán Mac Con Iomaire, it happened entirely through Irish. The familiar set up; a

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Sunday Longread: The show must go on

Joanna Harnett looks at the future of Fashion month, enhanced diversity, sustainability, and its virtual adaptation

We are all familiar with the impeccable style witnessed during fashion week. From live catwalks, to YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok, shows are now spread across every platform in the world. But we do not realise how significant the industry is

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Spooky jewellery for spooky babes

Elena Mc Crory interviews Emma Cahill about her jewellery brand, and taking the leap to small business owner

Last week I spoke to Emma Cahill, founder and owner of Emma Cahill Jewellery. She describes her designs as “spooky jewellery for spooky babes”. The modernism and innovativeness of her processes stands out; the spiders and skulls, her 3D modelling