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Has cultural awareness really increased in 2022?

Paurush Kumar examines how the film industry has approached culture in recent years – and whether there is hope for the future

Movies are one of the most influential media in modern-day entertainment. They can amuse us, but at the same time, educate us. They can be thought-provoking. But most importantly, they can evoke emotions like compassion.

Our culture – our beliefs, …

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Irish dancing: The triquetra of sport, art and Irish culture

Fern Kelly-Landry interviews Trinity student and professional Irish dancer Anthony O’Connor about his experience with the world of Irish dancing

Irish dancing plays a principal role in modern and historical Irish culture. Many Irish people have either been directly involved in Irish dancing or know someone who has, but what starts as a rite of passage for Irish children rarely

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Conversations on the fertility of an artistic landscape

Ciana Meyers chats with creatives Éilís Ní Chinnéide and Eilín Ní Bheaglaoich about their rich musical histories

Eilín Ní Bheaglaoich’s albums include Míle Dath: A Cloak of Many Colours and Béilín Meala, with her musical interests resting in the classical music tradition meeting the Irish traditional one. She is a published author of poems and short stories,

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A true display of our darker Irish history

Elena McCrory discusses key pieces in the National Gallery’s new centenary exhibit: Keating’s Allegories of Change

An allegory is defined as a story, poem or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one. Keating’s Allegories of Change at the National Gallery’s Milltown Wing (Room 15) is a fitting

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Reawaken Translation with JoLT

Matthew James Hodgson attends the launch of Trinity Journal of Literary Translation (JoLT) to celebrate the release of its latest issue

On November 24, the Trinity Journal of Literary Translation (JoLT) hosted a launch party for the release of its latest issue. The launch was hosted upstairs at Doyle’s Pub to celebrate the continued success of the magazine, now in its …

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A Unique Take on Disability

Ross Coleman gives us a preview of the new exhibition Unique: A Disabled Perspective run by the Trinity Ability co_op and the TCDSU

On 29th November, doors will be opened to the Trinity Ability co_op and TCDSU’s new exhibition Unique: a Disabled Perspective. This stunning exhibition, housed in the newly opened Printing House Square, features artwork and poetry on the topic of disability,

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Capturing comedy: Ashes to Ashmore

Emma Lueders reviews Emily Ashmore’s latest comedy show Ashes to Ashmore

Emily Ashmore has had her fair share of medical procedures, and it seems that laughter is still the best medicine. The 22-year-old Dubliner has just launched her most recent show Ashes to Ashmore as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival …