Trinity’s safety net policy is not enough

A safety net policy should acknowledge the effects coronavirus has on students right now

The talk of future employers devaluing grades awarded during the Covid-19 crisis has felt surreal. It is a sensation comparable to when you are listening to someone speak your second language, and you believe your interpretation to be at fault, …


Pandemic and protest in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has withstood months of hardship, but how have the protests evolved amidst the coronavirus?

A siege mentality – Dr. Peter Hamilton used the term to describe the foundations of discontent amongst protestors in Hong Kong. For the city, as part of the ‘one country, two systems’ government,  Hamilton highlighted the protestors’ fear of absorption …


In quarantine

Italian professor Giorgio Provolo discusses life in Milan, isolation and the social consequences of the coronavirus

Last Friday at noon, I am the second of Italian professor Giorgio Provolo’s three video calls. Amidst the nationwide lockdown, Dr. Provolo has grown used to the medium, with all of his lectures and meetings moved to the format. Having …


The challenges of facing the weight on the bar

An exploration of the concept of ‘functional body image’ in relation to powerlifting, social media and eating disorders

The steady, ground-shaking thud of weights was the most marked feature of the Trinity Barbell’s session in the Ancillary Hall. With music blaring, 100kg of iron would plummet through the air onto the padded floor, causing a mini earthquake. Most …


The art of taking a punch

Declan Garvey illustrates the beauty and brutality of boxing

How does one walk into the arena, prepared to be punched? How do you reconcile the idea that your hobby not only involves, but necessitates being hit, hurt, bruised and battered? Dublin University Boxing Club (DUBC) captain Declan Garvey insists


DU Boxing exhibition matches held in honour of Gemma McGee

The Exam Hall hosted a night of friendly fighting in order to raise funds for the Meningitis Research Foundation.

Tuesday night saw a fitting memorial take place for the late former DU Boxing Club captain, Gemma McGee in the form of a charity fight night. The Exam Hall threw out its traditional layout in favour of a boxing ring,


The rights of non-human animals

Wake Activism are advocating across Ireland for the abolition of all animal exploitation and are making a splash

“Nonhuman animal” is a term that student volunteer Matthew Rose-Nel noticeably uses again and again. Heavily involved with the vegan organisation Wake Activism, it is an insight into their core philosophies and values. Anti-speciesist, abolitionist and determined to shift narratives


Unpacking the Coronavirus

Sam Cox addresses the background, biology and basis of the Coronavirus epidemic

The Coronavirus isn’t named after a beer or the band, but is likening to a crown from the latin corōna  a “garland worn on the head as a mark of honour or emblem of majesty, halo around a celestial body,


The house always wins

Sam Cox delves into the world of student gambling, talking to researchers and players alike

At dusk, the phone’s simulated slot machines lit up the kitchen. The smells of rashers and onions saturated the shared space, as friends had volunteered to help research an article on student gambling. Needless to say,  it wasn’t the traditional …


Getting savvy for savings

Simple ways to save money in college that add up

Penny-pinching – the language of the frugal. As an overly anxious child, I would save wherever I could and felt tremendous guilt at the idea of spending more than what was needed. My parents couldn’t understand why I would return