Trinity writers making waves in the literary world

Writers from Trinity give their take on their student experience, how it influenced their writing career and what advice they’d give to aspiring writers

Irish writers are making waves in the national and international literary world. While Trinity may be the college of Wilde and Goldsmith, many students are perhaps more engaged with the works of recent graduates such as Sally Rooney and John


On inclusion and optimism: Cecile Richards speaks to the Phil

The former President of Planned Parenthood spoke to the Phil on Tuesday about activism, opposition and the “unique moment” we’re in

In celebration of International Women’s Week, the Phil awarded Cecile Richards the Gold Medal of Honorary Patronage. Richards spoke to a crowd brought together by their shared belief in the work Richards has done and continues to do surrounding pro-choice


The conundrum of chronic pain

Alongside the trials of juggling assignments, living away from home and maintaining a social life, one student outlines her experience of living with chronic pain

I am struggling to write this article for many reasons. I am very lucky to have the body I have, I recognise this privilege and am grateful every day. Regardless, I suffer from chronic pain. To be more specific: spinal