The new emigration

Trinity News speaks to the students leaving Ireland in search of a better life

By many accounts, the story of modern Ireland is one of rags to riches. It is the story of a poor agrarian country on the fringes of Europe transforming into a highly-developed economy; from a dramatic bust in 2008 and


Welfare & equality race: Hannah McAuley intends to “lean more towards people than policy”, focusing on how to make the college experience “easier” for all

McAuley views connecting students to the services they need as underpinning the role

If there is one word to describe Hannah McAuley’s time at Trinity, it is varied. The final year radiation therapy student began her time on campus in 2019 before College was forced online in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. …


The Rising Wave of BDS in Ireland

Following the escalation of violence in Gaza after October 7, a historic Palestinian organisation has been gaining ground in Ireland

At a protest held outside the Dáil on January 24, Clare Holohan, an activist with the non-governmental organization, Mothers Against Genocide, repeated a call which has become increasingly prevalent in recent months.

“Boycott, divest, and sanction Israel,” she said, “It’s


“People-power and protest”: the leftist organisations mobilising students

Trinity News examines the methods and motivations of increasingly prevalent left-wing activist groups

On September 13, a group of students blockaded the entrance to the Book of Kells in protest against College’s decision to increase the amount charged for its student accommodation by 2%, the legal maximum within a rent pressure zone like


Russia’s Student Diaspora: A Forgotten Side of Putin’s War

Trinity News speaks to Russian students about their experience of studying in Europe in the context of the war in Ukraine

One Spring day in 2022, Mark was sitting in a classroom in Trinity watching a pair of classmates from his degree in management science and information studies make a presentation which touched on a number of major current affairs. “When

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“War Is War but Classes Are Classes”

The experience of Ukrainian students after the Russian invasion

In February 2022, a year and a half into her degree in political science and philosophy at the University of Kiev, Paulina’s classes took an unscheduled break. Two weeks later, teaching resumed in hybrid format. She told Trinity News that


The Ties They Find

The new generation of British people seeking Irish Citizenship

It was with a subtle yet unmistakable hint of triumph that Tánaiste Mícheál Martin announced in the Dáil in January that 2022 had been “an exceptionally busy year” for the passport office. The continued increase in passport application numbers, far