Trinity clubs welcome new campaign seeking to boost women’s sport

The 20×20 Initiative aims to give female athletes greater opportunities by increasing media coverage, attendances, and involvement in sport

Many of Trinity’s sports clubs have given vocal support to the 20×20 Initiative, which seeks to promote gender equality in sport by increasing exposure, attendance, and participation in women’s sports by 20% at the end of 2020.

Aspiring Olympian, Aoife


Students must pay a heavy price for sport

Sport in college can be taxing in many different ways, writes Victoria Mitchell

Students are constantly being pressured to exercise – sport helps one maintain good physical health, while also being quite therapeutic. But with financial, social and academic costs to take into consideration, achieving the one hour of exercise per day that …


Death Diving: the daredevil sport making a splash in Norway

Victoria Mitchell wades her way through the quirky Scandinavian sport that is slowly gaining worldwide attention

Tom Daley, step aside: the time has come to leave behind the old diving world and instead plunge belly-first into the endlessly entertaining world of ‘death diving’. The Norwegians call it Dødsing, others would call it absolutely nuts. This death-defying …