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Looking Back: What I did with my four euro

Four first years reflect on their time in a society

Rebecca Lalor on her involvement with Trinity’s VDP:

“On choosing a Trinity society that has both challenged and thrilled me, it is hard to not mention VDP. Wandering through Freshers stalls that sunny day, I was lured to sign up

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Voices – Episode 1 – Undecided Voters

Listen to the first episode of our new podcast

In May, Ireland will attempt to resolve a question that we as a nation have been grappling to answer: should abortion be made legal? In this episode, Thomas and Danielle talk to an undecided voter from College and Christian Moore, …

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Freshers’ Diary: Tuesday

With Freshers’ Week in full swing, we gain an insight into the lives of Fresher’s Orla Murnaghan and Katie Lynch

Orla Murnaghan, Junior Freshman Law and Politics

Freshers’ Week was in full swing on Tuesday as I arrived in the Front Square at noon. Everything was a magical whirl of kaleidoscopic colour in as I rushed for my first lecture,

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Freshers’ Diary: Monday

From pounding heads to WhatsApp meetups, hear how day one of Freshers’ Week went for the newest faces on campus.

Eliana Jordon, Junior Freshman English Lit

Monday of Freshers Week is not for the faint of heart.

I was still on the mend from an early case of the notorious “freshers flu” and fighting a lingering hangover that seems customary


Bringing back Bacon

Lara May Ó Muirithe

The late artist’s studio, meticulously reconstructed at the Hugh Lane gallery on Parnell Square, leaves Irish art enthusiasts ar muin na muice, says Lara May O Muirithe.

Francis Bacon’s reconstructed studio at Dublin City Gallery …


Man and machine without boundaries

Jawad A Anjum
Staff Writer

 Jawad A Anjum examines gesture recognition technology as the world moves towards seamless interaction between humanity and technology.

Gesture recognition technology is here. We have seen it with multi-touch functionality on our smartphones, but it …


Ireland’s fright of the wild Greeks

Manus Lenihan
Comment Editor

Manus Lenihan on the distinctions between the responses to the Eurozone crisis in Greece and Ireland.

14th November saw a united general strike across six European countries. Predictably, RTÉ talked about riots and disruption of flights …


Stand up? Fed up.

Mark O’ Meara

The Union of Students in Ireland, argues Mark O’Meara, is still failing to defend those who need strong union representation; and the rot is spreading.

Along with a new USI officer board, we now have new …