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SU’s pro-decriminalisation of drugs stance: Talking to Students

Laura Grant guages student opinion on the SU’s recent move to back drug decriminalisation, exploring how accessible the SU is to the student body at large

In October of this year, the TCDSU Council voted for the adoption of a pro-decriminalisation of drugs stance by the Union. This motion originated from the SU Drugs Policy lobby group, who felt that this stance would encourage a more …


Dáil discusses the legalisation of marijuana for medicinal purposes

Clara Owens reports on the action of the TCD Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) outside the Dáil during the discussion on the bill to allow the legalisation of marijuana for medicinal purposes and discusses the benefits of establishing a sensible drug policy in Ireland


Early last month saw Cork mother Vera Twomey pledge to walk 150 miles to Dublin to raise awareness of the effectiveness of cannabis in seizure treatment.

On 2 December 2016, a bill to allow the legalisation of marijuana


We need an open dialogue on recreational drugs

Hester Malin argues that a more frank discussion of drugs would lead to better ways of preventing drug-related deaths


I’m just going to say it: I have taken drugs. Be it the odd glass of cheap wine at fresher’s week, the dab of some non-specific white powder on that fated A-Level results night, or sitting on a mattress shooting