Leah Keogh wins the position of Welfare Officer

Keogh won the election with 87.9% of the vote

Leah Keogh wins the position of Welfare with 87.9% votes following an uncontested race. In the Welfare election, there were 2,590 total votes cast with 176 spoiled votes, leaving a valid poll of 2,417.

Of the the three uncontested races in this election cycle, the Welfare race received the lowest proportion of votes to re-open nominations in the Trinity News poll, with Keogh securing 89.1% of first preference votes in the poll. 

Speaking to Trinity News after the announcement, Keogh said that she was “ecstatic”. She continued: “I hope people believe in my vision and I think they have. I’m really excited for next year.” 

A fourth year Social Work student, Keogh ran a strong campaign rooted in continuity, transparency and a realistic approach to the role with substantiated, achievable goals. Throughout her campaign, Keogh highlighted her plans for partnerships College bodies. 

In an interview with Trinity News, she said that a good Welfare Officer realises that “maybe you don’t have all the answers but you’re willing to find someone who does”.

Keogh has prior experience in the Union, having twice served as Secretary to Council, a position which includes the role of Chair of the Oversight Commission, in addition to acting as a class representative and school convenor. Sitting at the front of Council for two consecutive years gave her a front row seat to previous elections, which is evidenced in her practical campaign goals. 

Keogh also plans to address student finance through a welfare partnership with the Academic Registry. She has identified the €358 late registration fee as one of her main targets, describing it as a fee which “kicks students when they are down”. She wants to open a conversation about a more accessible fee payment plan which would allow students to pay in more than two instalments. If she is successful in addressing these issues, these will be two very tangible changes that students will feel immediately.

Audrey Brown

Audrey Brown is a Senior Fresher English Studies student, and the Deputy News Editor of Trinity News.