Five things to do after your exams

With a four month summer stretch ahead of Trinity students, some ideas may be helpful to fill those long summer days

At last, the dreaded exam season has arrived. For some students, this time of year is the culmination of weeks of hard work, intense study, and long evenings spent in Kinsella Hall. For others, it is a period full of


How to hide your drink at TBall

If you prefer more than expensive standard lager, smuggling in booze is the only alternative

Trinity Ball is a musical dish best served with some form of alcohol. Of course, there are those who refuse to believe that one needs to drink to have fun at these types of event, and more power to them.


Irish sport must do all it can to quash racism

Allowing prejudice to creep in after so much progress would be a strategy

During Manchester City’s 2-0 defeat to Chelsea in early December, Raheem Sterling was racially abused by a small section of the home supporters at Stamford Bridge. Four fans were banned indefinitely from attending future home games at the west London …


How to tell your parents you failed your exams

A comprehensive and helpful guide on breaking the dreadful news to the folks at home

During your college years, you face many daunting, even terrifying challenges. There are those activities in which you have little to no previous experience, such as doing laundry or trying to boil an egg. Other intimidating moments include trying not