“Cynicism is the death of everything”: Ruth Negga speaks to LawSoc

The Law Society hosted Academy Award nominated actress Ruth Negga yesterday

Trinity Law Society (LawSoc) welcomed Ruth Negga to an intimate crowd in Regent House today, to receive the Praeses Elit award. The Academy Award-nominated actress is a Trinity alum herself, born to Irish and Ethiopian parents and raised in Limerick.

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Anonymous thoughts on.. TCDSU

The first in a new series, Trinity Life ask an array of anonymous students for their outright opinions on their very own students’ union.

What’s been firing up the kids lately? Climate change? Blasé. Trump? Dead horse. North Korea? God, I hope not.

No, nothing gets the ball rolling in student circles more than the friendly faces down at House Six. But since only


South Africa vs. Ireland: Comparing student life

An insight into the lives of students in an often overlooked country.

South Africa. You’ve heard about it on the news. You watched that movie with Morgan Freeman in it. Your aunt possibly even told you about her trip around some vineyards over there. But what is it like to study in

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This House is Overworked and Undersexed — the Lawsoc Comedy Debate

Lawsoc start the year with a motion sure to grab attention

LawSoc began the new college year on Tuesday with their inaugural comedic debate for Fresher’s Week, featuring full-time comedians and attended by a crowd eager to hear if students are truly ‘overworked and undersexed’.

Chairing the debate was Andrew Stanley;

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