“A neutral vote is a vehicle for Unionism”

On Tuesday and Wednesday of next week Trinity students will be asked to take a position on reunification of Ireland. Two campaigns have arisen around the yes campaign and a vote for the SU to take a neutral stance. The


A prescription for our ailing two-tier health system

Eóin Ó Murchú explores the roadmap to universal healthcare in Ireland


If you don’t know where you’re going, no road will take you there, or so goes the saying. In 1947 Noel Browne, Trinity graduate of medicine, was scuppered in his attempts as Minister for Health in implementing the Mother and


The language of recovery

Eóin Ó Murchú examines the problems with framing the national economy in the medical terminology of recovery.


In moments of disaster and crash, people seek stability. The language of the ruling class, however, often creates a facade of stability, and masks a continuing crisis. In recent months it has been hard to ignore the talk about the …


TCDSU and Fossil Free TCD kick off first ever Divestment Week with fossil free forum

When asked about the role of direct action, Ruane replied that: “We have not received a ‘no’ from the Board,” but was open to the idea of further mobilisation if divestment is not considered

NEWSThis week, from February 8 to 12, Trinity College Dublin’s Students’ Union (TCDSU) and Fossil Free TCD are holding Trinity’s first ever Divestment Week. The week takes place alongside similar initiatives in various other universities in the UK and is …

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