Recent instances of misogyny have shown that Ireland has retained a dark cultural past of gendered violence

Irish women are constantly let down by the government but they must diverge from the past

Ireland, more than many of our European counterparts, has a distinct history of its blurring of boundaries between the church and the state. Our rich heritage comes at the cost of deeply ingrained archaic Catholic values that are still prevalent


The reform of TSM is a positive switch for students

The long overdue switch from two subject moderatorship to joint honours has many benefits for students in the arts block and beyond

Studying anything at college level comes with its own unique benefits and drawbacks, with all subjects requiring a high level of drive and commitment, and a rigorous reading schedule. However, liberal arts students tend to suffer the most with the …


The climate crisis must be addressed alongside the pandemic

Covid-19 and the pandemic should be embraced as an opportunity to hold those responsible for the climate crisis accountable

 The notion that “nature is healing” was inescapable during the peak of lockdown, providing many with a sense of hope that despite its rattling disturbance to the lives of all, perhaps there would be a positive side. Images of clear


Students need a sense of home not found on a screen

The increase of student learning off-campus will have more serious effects than not being able to sit on the Perch benches

Despite overwhelmingly positive advancements with regards to the easing of Ireland’s lockdown restrictions, uncertainty about the future still remains a huge issue weighing on the minds of students in Trinity and beyond. Between the choice students  face regarding Erasmus, and