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Analysis: The financial fallout of Covid-19

The recession that follows the Covid-19 pandemic could deepen the current crisis in third level funding

The Covid-19 crisis has already begun to take effect on the Irish economy. Retail and hospitality sectors have seen closures and layoffs since the beginning of the pandemic, and families have struggled, with over 1.26 million people having to rely


Erasmus to proceed for Trinity students on voluntary basis

In email today, College announced it would not be cancelling exchanges after previously shedding doubt in April


Erasmus exchanges are to proceed for Trinity students in Michaelmas term on a voluntary basis, College has informed students on Friday. 

In an email to students, College announced that they would not be cancelling the Erasmus programme for the upcoming

News Analysis

Analysis: Online voting for GSU sabbats offers a new way of thinking about union elections

The introduction of online voting was inevitable this year, but it could serve as an experiment for the future of student voting

The Covid-19 crisis has forced nearly every college body to adapt their traditional methods of operation. Online exams and lectures have been the focal point of discussion and criticism, but non-academic areas of College have been equally challenged. With voting