Before you vote, listen to the Trinity News and Trinity FM Leadership Race interviews here

Trinity News and Trinity FM have conducted a series of audio interviews with candidates for the sabbatical offices


President interview with Kieran McNulty, Stephen Carty and Dan O’Brien

Hosted by Una Harty

0.00 – Lynn Ruane on her time in the SU
6.08 – Stephen Carty’s TAP donation pledge
11.55 – How would the candidates utilise new forms of protest?
17.10 – How will Dan O’Brien apply knowledge of managing UT staff to managing a union?
18.20 – Is Kieran McNulty most entitled to be president?
24.00 – What ways do the candidates see themselves as having a hands on approach to the job if elected?
29.00 – How do candidates intend to work as a sabbatical team?
36.00 – In three words, why should students vote for you?


Education interview with Dale O’Faoilléacháin and Patrick Higgins

Hosted by Niamh Lynch


0.00 – Outlining of Dale’s manifesto points
2.17 – Outlining of Patrick’s manifesto points
4.50 – How are the reforms on broad curriculum different from what the candidates are proposing?
8.00 – How would you tackle student disengagement with the students’ union?
10.55 – Do you view the education officer as a political role?
13.00 – Should the education officer role prioritise lobbying college for greater change or solving smaller student issues?
15.12 – What are your specific plans to tackle the behemoth of college admin?
22.09 – How will you ensure your manifesto promises are fulfilled?
25.00 – Why are you the best education candidate?


Communications & Marketing interview with Glenn Byrne and Emmet Broaders

Hosted by Dee Courtney

1.20 – What can each of you bring to the SU?
3.45 – How do you market the SU to disaffected students?
7.00 – With all the methods we have of communicating within College, why do students still feel disconnected?
9.30 – In terms of sponsorship, should a union have corporate sponsorship?
11.50 – While the SU can be transparent about some things, students still don’t know about how the SU acts during big board decisions. How would you change that?
14.50 – Should the communications & marketing officer be using UT as a resource for communicating?
19.30 – What would your biggest campaign issue be?


Entertainment interview with Katie Browne, Grace O’Boyle and Padraic Rowley

Hosted by Luke Hally


Welfare interview with Aoibhinn Ní Lochlainn, Eammon Redmond, Andrew Wafer

Hosted by Ken Donnelly

0.00 – Introductions, and why run for welfare officer?
2.45 – Should the welfare officer position be elected or should it be a qualified staff member?
5.40 – What experience do you have that qualify you to to be welfare officer?
9.00 – How would you make the supports available to students more visible and accessible?
14.50 – Conor Clancy has said that the accommodation crisis will be the number one problem for the next welfare officer to tackle. How can the problem be resolved?
18.42 – The biggest issue to do with welfare this year has been that of consent workshops, following reports in the media. How important are these classes?
22.05 – Would you support all of the SU’s various political campaigns such as repeal the eighth or against student fees?
23.55 – Can you outline some of the ideas featured in your manifestos?
28.46 – This year we saw a lot of new campaign weeks, would any of you have any ideas for new campaign weeks?

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